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"Blackheart" Is Hot Topic's Goth Version Of Victoria's Secret

Just what the underwear industry didn't need! (Unless they host an annual fashion show, in which case, it's absolutely necessary.)

Here's a first look at Hot Topic's new lingerie concept called "Blackheart."

It's supposed to be like Victoria's Secret but for "garage band lovers," WWD reports. Similarities to VS include lingerie that is so embellished/patterned, it can look, from afar, like it's gone moldy in a power outage.

If you like an underwear look that says "I hate you NO WAIT DO ME," Blackheart might be for you!

There's something early Rihanna about it — as in edgy but in a pretend way.

Pink lace bras suit feminine tastes, while panties appeal to those who like a layered look.

One pair of underwear is never enough.

So remember, when you need black latex shorts and a coordinating tank top, look for this.

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