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    Beyoncé Lost 60 Pounds And 12 Other Things To Know About Her First Post-Baby Concerts

    Beyoncé returned to the stage in Atlantic City for her first concerts since giving birth to Blue Ivy to herald the opening of a new hotel, Revel. If you weren't there or spent your extra day off drinking instead of paying attention to #beyonce news on Twitter, here's a full recap of her four epic performances.

    1. She lost 60 pounds!

    Robin Harper / AP

    "Y'all have no idea how hard I worked!" she told fans. "I had to lose 60 pounds. They had me on that treadmill. I ate lettuce!" She added that she planned to get "chocolate wasted."

    2. She dressed like a showgirl.

    Robin Harper / AP

    With hip embellishments made of sparkly hay. Perfection.

    3. Her unveiling was awesome.

    4. Michelle Obama and her daughters solidified their Beyonce fandom.

    A source told Us Weekly the Obama ladies "sat up in a private balcony with Gayle King. Michelle was jamming out to 'Crazy in Love." And: "Together, all three of them did the 'Single Ladies' dance moves."

    This morning, Michelle went on Good Morning America and said of Beyoncé, "I love her to death." She also praised her for supporting her Let's Move campaign to fight childhood obesity. Remember when Beyoncé remixed her song for it? One of her best collaborations to date.

    5. The crowd gave the Obamas a standing ovation.

    Once the First Lady and her offspring were spotted in the balcony, the crowd stood and cheered, the New Jersey Star Ledger reports. How they spotted them in the balcony remains unclear — maybe they were just dancing the best.

    6. The laser show was POSSIBLY inspired by baby Blue (Ivy).

    7. She covered Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

    In a glowing review of her four-concert series, the New Jersey Star Ledger said, "Houston would have loved it."

    8. At least one backup dancer wore pants.

    Awesome, glittery pants from the looks of it.

    9. Lots of other celebrities — and the New Jersey Governor — attended.

    Including: Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Queen Latifah, Selita Ebanks, Smash actress Megan Hilty, Ravens running back Ray Rice, Kelly Rowland, Maria Bello. New Jersey governor Chris Christie also went, as did Brittany Gastineau, who you may not remember from her short-lived reality show some years back.

    10. Beyonce wore her gigantic ring.

    I guess her rock is more along the lines of what ZuckerChan critics wish Mark bought Priscilla. As B shows here, that kind of flashiness is most definitely not for everyone.

    11. Her fringed costume almost looked like a grass skirt when she danced.

    Here's a video of her "End of Time" performance.

    12. Ralph & Russo designed the costumes.

    The designers tell People their inspiration was "modern showgirl," and that the looks required more than half a million Swarovski crystals. Over a period of four weeks, 20 couturiers worked "round the clock" to complete the outfits.

    13. Beyonce previously wore Ralph & Russo for a television special that aired in the fall.

    This is (the more interesting and fabulous) one of two looks Ralph & Russo made for Beyoncé's ITV special that aired overseas in December. This and the other outfit only took a paltry 50,000 crystals to make.

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