Before They Were Famous: Jessica Paré’s Style Evolution

She plays Don Draper’s wife on “Mad Men” — and she’s clearly got an awesome off-screen stylist in addition to an awesome leading role. But the journey to her enviable red carpet looks was long and, frankly, treacherous.

1. The sophisticated “I’m super famous now” woman we know and love. But where did she begin?

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

At a “Mad Men” premiere event in March.

2. I’m a little upset that she could have gone for a fuller, Jessie Spano effect in this photo from a few years ago— instead of this gelled look — and didn’t.

I’m also a little upset that she sewed a piece of diagonally striped fabric to the bottom of a satin bathrobe so that she’d have a dress to wear to a party. Also, I don’t care if you are French (Canadian) — don’t smoke!

3. Actually, you know who she kind of looks like (and would look even more like if she had extensions here)?

Jessica Biel.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

4. But back to Megan Draper: mother-of-the-bride, olive green stretch satin, folks.

Even Real Housewives wouldn’t do this to us.

5. Unfortunately now that we have the Internet, this sort of outfit paired with this sort of hair can’t be forgotten.

6. Pre-stylist or pre-shampoo?

7. Like Rachel’s late hair on “Friends” but not as good.

8. The shaggy, highlighted bedhead (with cleavage!) of ‘03 that may have set her up for a lifetime of sex scenes.

In Vanity Fair, in 2003.

10. This might be my favorite hair look, but I can’t promise the word “ASEXUAL” (ha ha) across her chest isn’t influencing me.

11. The sophisticated “I’m almost super famous!” outfit she wore to the Emmys in September.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

At the Emmys in September.

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