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Are You Keeping Up With TV's Hottest New Mess, "Fashion Star"?

Jessica Simpson tells people what's "fashion-forward," LMFAO performs, and judges look on with obvious embarrassment for all. In other words, you really should be watching this show.

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Once upon a time NBC really wanted to have its own version of "Project Runway." "Project Runway" couldn't be ripped from the warm, teddybear-like embrace of its home, Lifetime. So NBC got busy with some celebrities and gave birth to it's own baby. It named that baby "Fashion Star." And what a star she is!

Now, "Fashion Star" is still very young — only three episodes old, as of last night — and so she's still a pretty fussy baby. For instance, she doesn't seem to know what she's doing most of the time or how to make her core concept clear to her audience. What I have managed to pick up from her teething phase is that she is like a cross between "American Idol" and a Miss America pageant, but complete with aerialists! Also, that the clothes showcased on the stage are made by contestants who are competing for a prize. Those clothes also go up for sale in actual stores. There are also judges, who sit there looking embarrassed by everything going on, as though the fussy child is constantly saying something inappropriate (like "Mommy, she's fat!") in the presence of a stranger. Jessica Simpson plays a role, as do Elle Macpherson and Nicole Richie.

It's all great fun, sort of like a kitten is right after you adopt it. The question is, will it mature in a good way? Or grow up to be the kind that destroys your furniture and scratches all your friends? Watch a montage of last night's episode and decide for yourself.