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A Fashion-And-Art Spectacle That Was Better Than Most Of The Couture Shows

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama visited Louis Vuitton's Fifth Avenue location in New York yesterday in honor of her collaboration with the label. They unveiled some cool new windows and she posed for photos in her first — and quite fabulous — U.S. appearance in more than 30 years.

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1. Yayoi Kusama unveiled a window installation inspired by her artwork.

The store's windows pay homage to three themes from Kusama's work: “Beginning of the Universe,” “Eternal Blooming Flowers in My Mind,” and “Self- Obliteration.”

As you can see, the stunning visuals drew more photographers than are camping outside of Katie Holmes's Chelsea apartment building right now, proving that high-brow culture isn't dead! Yay.

2. Kusama wore Louis Vuitton head-to-toe.

She worked with the super-fancy label on a collection of clothing and bags and arrived dressed in it entirely — surely one of the most fabulous outfits worn anywhere this year. (The clothes are custom-made, while the sunglasses, bag, and scarf are available for purchase; the wheelchair is her own.)

With hand gestures, she quieted fans freaking out over how much better than early Lady Gaga it all was.

4. The real draw for customers will surely be the bags.

Remember the Murakami Louis Vuitton collection? The white purses with the rainbow-colored logos all over them? These spotted bags are the new that so you can rest assured that anyone wanting to flaunt themselves will make it a point to carry one of these things.