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    32 Perfect Fall Outfits

    If you're sick of the sweater/jeans/boots combo you wear every day, freshen up your chilly-weather wardrobe with these ideas.

    1. You can't go wrong with a great-fitting black leather jacket.

    2. Layer a leather jacket with button-down shirts, and cuff sleeves to reveal an arm party.

    3. Layer a denim shirt under a chunky black cardigan or blazer.

    4. Layer a denim shirt under chunky Fair Isle knits.

    5. Get a really thick, extra-chunky, oversized black sweater to wear as a coat.

    6. Instead of gray or black sweaters, try mint green.

    7. Mint is a great color for a cardigan.

    8. Wear your colorful summer pants with an oversized, chunky turtleneck.

    9. A white blazer and heels dresses up a pair of distressed jeans.

    10. If you're not into white jackets, try blush.

    11. Instead of a purse, grab a backpack.

    12. Instead of uncomfortable heels, try gray flats.

    13. Instead of a black leather motorcycle jacket, try one in red.

    14. How simple and cute is this? Colorful jacket + tee + black pants + pumps = perfection.

    15. Sick of heels? Wear sneakers with your skirts.

    16. You CANNOT go wrong with a huge hood.

    17. Wear an oversized coat over a jacket.

    18. Get an extra chunky scarf that matches your coat.

    19. Nude flats look great with cropped pants and a simple white top.

    20. Plaid pants look great with tan boots and a simple coat.

    21. Flared pants look chic with a plain white blouse.

    22. Try flared pants with a shrunken leather jacket.

    23. Just because it's colder out, that doesn't mean you have to ditch neon.

    24. A neon sweater seems overwhelming, but looks cool and casual with boyfriend jeans.

    25. Leather tops are a great alternative to sequins for day or night.

    26. Pair an oversized sweater or sweatshirt with a fitted sequined skirt.



    29. Wide-legged pants are pretty much universally flattering.


    31. If you're especially stain-proof, try all-white.

    32. And when in doubt, just put on a tight sweater and call it a day.