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30 Of Carrie Bradshaw's Most Ridiculous Outfits

Fifteen years ago, Sex and the City unleashed the mighty whirlwind of materialism and mismatching that was Carrie Bradshaw. A great many of her outfits were divine, but these were just plain absurd.

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15. This, and all the other almost-normal-but-then-again-totally-bizarre things she wore on this show.

Wouldn't you accessorize your plaid crop top and high-waisted jeans with a neon green sweatband? Come on now, if Miranda's having all the fun with clothes in a shot something's just not right.

25. This fur muffler hat and crop top she wore to her birthday party.

Is she sad because no one showed up or because it's dawning on her how ridiculous it is to pair fur accessories with crop tops?

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