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29 Ridiculous Photos Of Fashion's Night Out From Around The World

The event began four years ago as a way to try to get people to support fashion and shopping in the worst of the recession when no one could afford anything. Whether or not you're "better off now," the tradition continues today with events in stores around the world involving celebrities, bad art, and weird stunts. Here's a recap.

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1. First up: New York

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Alice + Olivia hired models to have a pillow fight. Nothing says "go shopping!" like skinny people whacking the crap out of each other with dainty purple pillows.

2. People who came out to support the FNO cause wore their most eye-catching (read: necessary) accessories.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

This gentleman, which the wire image service tells me is "jewellery [sic] designer Brooklyn" is pictured looking at the Diane Von Furstenberg store. Seriously considering spending his money to support the fashion business, surely.


4. The MAC store had Azealia Banks perform.

She made a lipstick for them, or something. Whether or not the event prompted anyone to buy a significant amount of makeup there remains unclear.

5. United Colors of Benetton attempted to attract shoppers with this art.

Andrew Kelly / Reuters

This piece is called "Position of the Anvil," which I guess translates to "Yarn Mannequins Having Sex."


8. Anna Wintour was the coolest celebrity of the night.

This "Fashion's Night Out" business being her brainchild, she appeared at a number of spots.

Here she is at a signing with Victoria Beckham, who wore the most expertly tailored janitor's uniform ever seen.

12. "A fashion magazine is viewed in the trash on the street."

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

That brilliant caption comes courtesy of the photo wire service. Appropriately, next to the magazine in the trash is one of those coconut waters in a flavor that never needed to exist.


16. Despite the weather not being cold, and Debra Messing having loads of lovely clothing options for her Michael Kors store appearance, she wore... this.


Larry Busacca / Getty Images

I do have to give her props for looking different from Nina Arianda, Nikki Reed, and Kate Upton who all wore skintight dresses. Unlike them, Debra can go straight from this to the Yeti convention.


20. Chinese actress Sun Li got swarmed at a "Vogue" event.

Carlos Barria / Reuters

I can't imagine who would have to show up to something in order for this kind of a frenzy to ensue in the States. Probably like Rihanna riding a horse in the nude with a newly adopted baby.


23. Lingerie store La Perla put models on the street in their underwear.

Benoit Tessier / Reuters

It's like the high-end version of Abercrombie & Fitch's semi-naked in-store marketing efforts.

26. Models are a big part of FNO festivities. This one in Moscow had to host an event in the rain.

But, it should be noted, she did not have to suffer through carrying her own umbrella.

28. But this was arguably the best FNO event worldwide.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore kicked off things by posing with a crush of shirtless pretty boys.

29. Who wouldn't want this to be their photo background?

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

The only downside is the red pants brigade might take the attention off you (which is often not what fashion people who work hard on our outfits and looking blasé want). But I mean, hello Facebook!


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