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29 Photos Of Chanel's Etsy-Victorian-Grunge Pre-Fall Fashion Show

Starring the fanciest, fiercest porta potty you've EVER SEEN.

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1. The show took place in Scotland's Linlithgow Palace.

It's the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots. Apparently when Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld, everyone's favorite eccentric and the owner of a really beautiful cat named Choupette, told a reporter after the fashion show he had never been to Scotland or this castle before selecting it as the location of the show because, "I like how I think a place is. I don’t have to see what it actually is."

This is fashion — "reality" is but a concept.

2. Bagpipers serenaded the show.

Chanel likes to really THEME things out, as you can see. Apparently it was so cold during the nighttime show that it snowed, but Chanel kindly provided guests with blankets under the seats.

5. The show itself was very, I don't know, Etsy?

There was a very mix-and-match, do-it-yourself flavor to it. Like stick extra safety pins here, wear all your plaid at once like you're at a wool fair, glue fur to your shoes, etc.

6. Before I get into fashion rules, I must note that if Chanel gets one thing, it's that cherubic 4-year-old children look fabulous in kilts.

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