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    25 New Rules For Men's Fashion

    The men's shows rage on in Milan and Paris, where the hottest designers are showing what the most stylish dudes with wear in the spring of 2013. Here are all the outfits every dude who considers himself "well-dressed" needs to study.

    1. Upgrade your plain white shirt and hike up your pants.

    2. Shrink polo shirts in the dryer.

    3. From afar, clothes should suggest that you have ladylike breasts.

    4. Floral lace blouses elevate a plain white power suit.

    5. Floral leather blazers are anything but basic black.

    6. Accept responsibility without saying a word.

    7. Tattoo print your shades.

    8. Allow your beer to inspire your outerwear.


    10. In fact, no print is too ugly to be unfashionable.

    11. Sailboat art is not cliche when worn hat to toe.

    12. Through sheer fabrics, celebrate the fact that you don't have to wear a bra.

    13. Let your shoes sparkle.

    14. Let your biceps breath.

    15. Getting wood is not just a tingle felt within pants.

    16. Pastels look best in ombre.

    17. Circle circle dot dot is no longer a type of cootie shot.

    18. Don't be afraid to match your murse to your shoes and suit.

    19. Update your kilts with silver embellishment.

    20. Necklaces are tops.

    21. Perforated masks are sunglasses.

    22. Modeling can be done lying down.

    23. Pants are optional.

    24. Apron pockets jazz up a blue shorts suit.

    25. Man clutches look modern in geometric shapes.