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    21 Reasons Why The Fashion Industry Should Take Itself Less Seriously

    Some fashion people treat their work as though they're dealing with nuclear secrets. And well, that's just wrong.

    1. The business is full of eccentric characters who don't seem to have any sense of what they themselves are actually like.

    2. Everyone who sits in the front row looks like they're in a fight/miserable.

    3. Every honest critique of some clothes might result in a ban threat.

    4. Because baked goods really deserve to be served in full-size.

    5. Because no one could have stopped Rihanna from designing/wearing these pants.

    6. Because denim diapers are going to happen regardless of what's on anyone's runway.

    7. Because Jeremy Scott is always going to happen.

    8. Because there's nothing wrong with admitting that yellow couture onesies are really very silly.

    9. Because Reddit's "Fashion Pictures that Make You Want to Punch People in the Face" thread is too much fun to go ignored.

    10. Because things like harem pants and leather bandannas were just never meant to be taken seriously.

    11. Because this came down the runway at a fashion show.

    12. Because Kanye West wearing women's Celine with chunky statement necklaces is just funny.

    13. Because Anna Dello Russo made the music video "Fashion Shower."

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    And this didn't seem to be the industry's prevailing attitude about it.

    14. This just about sums up the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

    15. Also, Zoolander was actually right about stuff.

    16. Because clothes like this are actually back in fashion.

    17. Look, fashion just isn't really an intellectual field.

    18. And you know, if we took fashion a little less seriously, people might understand that everyone deserves to wear proper shoes/clothes to fashion week following a blizzard.

    19. Also, wearing full-on pajamas around in the world, as in out of the house, is a hot trend.

    20. Also, it's hard to take fashion too seriously when one of the best fashion magazines around is called Dazed & Confused.

    21. Also, you know it's time to lighten up about fashion now that Karl Lagerfeld's cat has become one of the business's most famous creatures.