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21 Reasons Why The Fashion Industry Should Take Itself Less Seriously

Some fashion people treat their work as though they're dealing with nuclear secrets. And well, that's just wrong.

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2. Everyone who sits in the front row looks like they're in a fight/miserable.

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Yes, everyone complains about fashion week but! Do you know how many people would LOVE for this to be their job? This ugh I have this incredibly fun job, I'm going to act so annoyed by it attitude gets really old sometimes.

3. Every honest critique of some clothes might result in a ban threat.

Like this famous rant that Saint Laurent designer Hedi Slimane posted to his Twitter feed since he didn't like New York Times critic Cathy Horyn reviewing his collections.

4. Because baked goods really deserve to be served in full-size.

Jay Manuel can hardly contain his shock at discovering these legit cakes instead of Hershey's Kiss–sized cupcakes served at most fashion parties in the interest of saving people the embarrassment of publicly consuming substantial food.

13. Because Anna Dello Russo made the music video "Fashion Shower."

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18. And you know, if we took fashion a little less seriously, people might understand that everyone deserves to wear proper shoes/clothes to fashion week following a blizzard.

Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed / Via

And not feel like the only way they'll be remotely worth existing the shows is if they dress for summer in 20 degree weather.

19. Also, wearing full-on pajamas around in the world, as in out of the house, is a hot trend.

And you have to just laugh at that because it is so great and self-serving, if you think about it.

21. Also, you know it's time to lighten up about fashion now that Karl Lagerfeld's cat has become one of the business's most famous creatures.

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