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    20 Sweatshirts You Need In Your Life Immediately

    If you work in an office that's WAY over-air-conditioned in the summer, it's time to start making a serious statement about it.

    1. Waldo Sweater

    2. Kelly Kapowski Sweater

    3. Flamingo Sweater

    4. Grumpy Cat Sweater

    5. Rihanna Sweater

    6. Obamas Sweater

    7. Cosmic Cats Galaxy Sweater

    8. Holy Shit I Love You Sweater

    9. Night City Sweatshirt

    10. Knight Sweatshirt / Via


    Pricey but: WORTH. IT.

    11. Old Money Sloth Sweater

    12. Pink Dolphin Tie Dye Hoodie

    13. Pink Nutella Sweatshirt / Via


    14. Foil Sweatshirt



    15. Moonlit Unicorn Pullover

    16. Palm Tree Sweatshirt

    17. Silver Pharaoh Sweatshirt

    18. Snow Cats Sweatshirt / Via


    19. Inverted Leopard Sweatshirt

    20. And finally, if you work in an office that's REALLY cold, you'll need this lion onesie.