18 Most Tired Election Day Trends On Instagram

If Instagram users love two things, it’s American flag stuff and showing off. Obviously an activity that combines both of those things — voting! — would lead to a big, big day for the social network.

1. Putting your “I Voted” sticker on your duck-face lips.

2. Or your cheeks.

3. Or both your duck face mouth and your cheeks.

4. There’s also the “I Voted” forehead.

Beats a real tattoo there, that’s for sure.

Dogs are even being subjected to this sticker placement all over the country.

Okay, fine — it’s totally cute on dogs.

5. Sharing a photo of your “I Voted” sticker on your boring outfit.

Celebrity Elizabeth Banks is guilty of this.

6. Using election day to draw attention to your cleavage.

7. Or heavage.

See tags: #bradpitt #sweden #twilight #obama #election.


8. Voting, or doing something else election-related, with duck face.

OK fine, this is from Beyoncé’s Tumblr but is totally Instagram-y in spirit.

9. Randomly associating the election with really, weirdly high heels.

Are these the kind of shoes you that allow you to put coins in the soles?

10. Photographing yourself bursting with joy for Election Day.

11. Photographing yourself being a big blasé diva about Election Day.

12. Statement, election-themed lipstick.

13. Trying to look like Jackie O.

14. Wearing a tee of one of the candidates.

Because there isn’t enough opportunity for kissy lips/duck face in everyday life. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE RESORT TO.

15. Self-portraits of one’s own feet.

Note: This is more easily excusable if you have awesomely dorky statement election socks.

16. Wearing flag things, like tanks.

Shiny stars.

Full flag jumpsuits.

Flag sweaters.

Whatever garment this bra-exposing flag thing is.

Bathing suit? Tank? JUMPSUIT? (I hope.)

17. Or, just posing with flags.

Or posing with flags while bragging about snowboarding. (Which makes perfect sense because something people love to brag about just about as much as voting is how great they are at winter sports.)

18. “Uncle Sam.”

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