17 Items Rihanna Absolutely Must Include In Her New Clothing Line

Rihanna just announced she’s creating a clothing line (finally!) for U.K. chain River Island. If there’s one thing she’s good at, in terms of dressing, it’s pulling off things that are fabulously odd. Here are some of my favorites that I really hope she includes in this line.

1. Peacock Sleeves

Joel Ryan / AP

Peacocking is what Rihanna does best, after all.

2. These Jewelry-Print Overalls

3. Monochromatic Grandma Suits

Ideally with a contrasting lipstick taped to the tag.

4. This Outfit, As A Set

You know, the way you buy bathing suits that are sold top and bottom together.

5. A Red Tuxedo With Pink Accents

This is so great — it says “I teach aerobics and trade mutual funds” all at once.

6. DIY Denim Hotpants Kit

Rihanna’s boundless jorts collection is like the holy grail of all that is denim and not full pants. All she’d need to do is stuff some stretch denim knee-length jorts, scissors and paper pattern with dotted lines all over it into a box and presto! She’s got a kit to put in bins by the checkout counter. Studs or other bedazzlement could come in the kits for an additional charge.

7. Shirts That Say Inappropriate Things

Like RICH. How obnoxious would that be on the hipsters?

Or fake proper nouns based on fashion label names, like RADARTE (a riff on Rodarte). Suggestions include: Rag & Boned; Ballsmain; Michael Whores.

8. Pajamas As Cocktail Wear

Women deserve looks like this for fancy occasions to make up for all the time so many of us — including Rihanna — spend being uncomfortable because we’re wearing something.

9. Decorated Fanny Packs

Another DIY kit possibility — think of all the buttons she could offer for bedazzling these with. Dollar signs yes, but also: rainbows, martini glasses, cats

10. Shoe Pants

For people who worked so hard on their DIY jorts they can’t bear not to wear them in the winter.

11. No-Swim Bikinis

Also, anything involving boob pockets.

12. Novelty Visors

Or anything that looks like it came from the Magic Mike yard sale.

13. Serial Killer Gloves

Great for night…

14. Statement Garters

Because in Rihanna land, garters don’t disappear under clothes — they ARE clothes!

15. Black Marker

For those moments when the tattoo artist can’t be found.

16. Many Slinky Dresses That Look Like This

In 80 different colors.

17. Pants-Substituting Hosiery

Because you can’t wear jorts every day, sometimes it’s more eye-catching to make your thighs look like fencing.

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