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17 Items Rihanna Absolutely Must Include In Her New Clothing Line

Rihanna just announced she's creating a clothing line (finally!) for U.K. chain River Island. If there's one thing she's good at, in terms of dressing, it's pulling off things that are fabulously odd. Here are some of my favorites that I really hope she includes in this line.

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6. DIY Denim Hotpants Kit

Rihanna's boundless jorts collection is like the holy grail of all that is denim and not full pants. All she'd need to do is stuff some stretch denim knee-length jorts, scissors and paper pattern with dotted lines all over it into a box and presto! She's got a kit to put in bins by the checkout counter. Studs or other bedazzlement could come in the kits for an additional charge.


8. Pajamas As Cocktail Wear

Women deserve looks like this for fancy occasions to make up for all the time so many of us — including Rihanna — spend being uncomfortable because we're wearing something.


9. Decorated Fanny Packs

Another DIY kit possibility — think of all the buttons she could offer for bedazzling these with. Dollar signs yes, but also: rainbows, martini glasses, cats...



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