17 Dos And Don'ts For Wearing Clothes, Direct From France

The Paris fashion shows are supposed to showcase the very best clothes the world has to offer. Let's take a look at what probably none of us will be wearing but what probably everyone will be knocking off.

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3. Don't: Wear a jumpsuit unless it makes everyone's eyes hurt.

Benoit Tessier / Reuters

Thank Balmain for clearing that one up.

(People who have the balls to wear jumpsuits probably also have the balls to wear insane patterned ones, the thinking may go.)

6. Don't: Foolishly limit yourself to wearing just one animal face at a time.

Charles Platiau / Reuters

Note how this model is wearing TWO, one face on her chest and one face on her face. (Meta face.)

(By Manish Arora.)

8. Don't: Forget to wear bathing suit bottoms under your skirt.


Because all these high slits just very well might expose your nether regions.

(Balenciaga, always complicating things.)

14. Don't: Wear animals that are instantly recognizable.

My colleague Peggy Wang thinks these are panthers, but they also look like whiskered parrots, which is sort of cheeky.

(From Mugler.)