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16 People That Did Not Wear Fringe, Tie-Dye, Or Next To Nothing At Coachella

And looked pretty good! Unlike most people that go to these things.

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We've been dutifully documenting the terrifying looks that plague music festivals across the country every year. So far, Coachella has hardly exempted itself from the havens of ghost boobs, fringed bags that are practically alive, and studded cut-offs that don't cover much more than maxi pads that these things tend to be. Judging by the photos, many of the tired trends that ravage the festival grounds yearly are still raging. However! Some people looked pretty cute and stylish! Can they inspire the hordes of attention-seeking folks who want to wear as little outrageous "clothing" as possible while they dance in hose water this weekend to wear things that are so great-looking they actively won't want to get wet? Here's hoping.

The people who have looked great at Coachella so far include:

1. The singer Kimbra.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

She's covered, on-trend with her orange, and looks quirky but not totally insane. Of course normal people could not go to an outdoor music festival wearing a white blazer, but that's the difference between a moderately famous person going to Coachella and a normal person going to Coachella: the moderately famous person can stick to areas that don't have that much dirt.

2. This girl.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Meet Harmony Vurdine from Los Angeles! She managed to keep cool in a breezy shirt with a funky pattern and cut-off shorts that probably cover her entire ass. Cute, but not trying. WIN.


5. This girl in the huge flowy pants.

This is a good example of how, when you DO put a lot of thought into your outfit, it can turn out quite well. I'd love to see it without that floppy hat, that ubiquitous accessory that's shaping up to be the new Nicole Richie headband.

7. This girl with the hot side slit.

The side slit is a great way to do a maxi skirt at a place where everyone's feeling free spirited and sexy. Note how she nicely avoids exposing too much skin with a trendy army green jacket.


8. This girl in the long white dress and clear shoes.

I'm guessing this is one of those things that no one but this girl could pull off. But doesn't she look great! (Also: how do you people who wear heels to music festivals do it? I've always wondered.)


15. Whoever's nails these are.

Instagram: @335d09fa892211e1989612313815112c_7.jpg

Another winstagram. It was hard to tell if she's worn this nail art to Coachella yet or just plans to this weekend, but if you have a lot of creativity to express through your attire, nail art really isn't a bad way to go.