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12 Reasons Why "Magic Mike" Is Truly The Best Movie Of The Summer

The cast's press tour has been nothing short of visually stunning and spectacularly quotable. "Sometimes a thong completely betrays you," Channing Tatum said.

1. It has the potential to inspire a shirtless vest-wearing fashion craze.

2. All expected stripper archetypes are explored.

3. It's patriotic.

4. Joe Manganiello humped everything when he went back to the "True Blood" set.

5. The cast members have to show female morning television hosts their stripper moves.

Joe showed Kathy Lee and Hoda his body rolls (apparently there are two main kinds).

6. Joe also helped Channing Tatum introduce a "Magic Mike" flash mob on the "Today" show.

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7. If the movie goes to Broadway, Alex Pettyfer might convince the cast to perform the opening.

8. It inspires great bad puns.

9. Contrary to appearances, it has plot points.

10. "'The tassels were my favorite,' Tatum said of a specific detail on one of McConaughey's thongs."

In this spectacular interview, Channing claims his stripper costumes are "normal" and not "the kinda iconic stripper things."

(Also — and this is really sweet — they said they kept all their costumes because, "We have wives.")

11. "'I only do a [butt] clap for jewelry and a hundred-dollar bill,' cracked Tatum about his infamous dance move. 'I'm from the South, we can all make it clap in the South.'"

12. Channing Tatum: “Sometimes a thong completely betrays you.”

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