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12 Inexplicable Things Worn By Ke$ha

If you wanted to put her style in a box... GOOD LUCK.

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1. This Dumb & Dumber parody tux.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

That's Ke$ha in the blue with her brother Louie Sebert in the orange. Nothing says "family bonding" like, "Are you free Sunday? My outfit needs one last accessory."


4. This patriotic pantsuit.

The Associated Press / AP

Worn to an inauguration event in Washington D.C., Ke$ha temporarily forgot who she was and showed up as Katy Perry, who was said to have spent the day eating peppermints and oversized Tootsie Rolls to reassure herself of her own identity.


8. This leotard with the fringed crotch.

Chris McKay / Getty Images

I get that this probably saves her a bikini wax or two on the road where Beyoncé wouldn't be able to avoid it, but exaggerated fringe at the bikini line is still... yeah.


9. This brocade velvet suit.

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

If she looks unhappy it's because she got to this gray carpet event, and realized the thing she's most closely channeling is the multi-colored couch section on