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12 Groundbreaking New "Fashions For Men"

Yoko Ono designed a a collection of men's clothes for the holiday shopping season. It includes just what every man you know wants: tight, pink, see-through mesh tops with shoulder cutouts!

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9. Jock Strap - $200

The description reads: "Jock strap with LED light at front | Elastic straps | Front padding."

Bad news about this one: it's one size only and the elastic waistband only measures 24 inches around. Fashion, so fat-shame-y sometimes.

10. Light Bulb Bra - $250

"Bandeau bra with LED lights at front | Adjustable hook closure." This one is also one size (about a 34 AA from the sound of the measurements) so thank GOD for adjustable hooks if you happen to be, say, a 36.

And find many more holiday gift ideas for the men in your life where these came from at Opening Ceremony.