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11 GIFs Of Two Supermodels Cooking

What could be more fascinating than watching two of the world's fiercest models make food? Nothing.

1. Did you know Jourdan Dunn has an internet cooking show? Well, she does! And she had Cara Delevigne on to help her cook in the new episode.

2. Cara told Jourdan she's capable of cooking toast and baked beans. Jourdan was like, "Well I'm going to teach you to make shrimp tempura." There was much rejoicing.

3. Jourdan was like, "I need that bowl for batter!" and Cara was like, "But no, I'm playing!"

4. Then Jourdan put some soy sauce in a bowl with some ketchup and Cara made a face.

5. Then Jourdan got ready to start deep-frying, and Cara got all excited.

6. Finally, Jourdan asked Cara to stop twerking and break up the broccoli.

7. But Cara REALLY got into it when it came time to dip the broccoli in the tempura batter.

8. Then Jourdan was like, "Let's chop some chilis!" And Cara was like, "Yikes!"

9. And then Jourdan started chopping and Cara did a little dance for her, because she's supportive like that.

10. Then they ate. Cara continued twerking while Jourdan found herself incapable of not looking super sexy.

11. Then Cara kept eating while Jourdan kept talking.

If you have ten minutes, you can watch the whole thing here.

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