10 New Rules For Wedding Dresses

The latest bridal collections are hitting the runways yet again proving few things are more fun than looking at wedding dresses.

1. Wear part of your dress around your neck.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Something that will make it harder for your new spouse to mess up your makeup.

(This dress is by Vera Wang.)

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

(Vera Wang.)

2. Actually, why bother with the makeup?

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Just wear that tired feeling you’ll surely have after months of wedding planning and tossing and turning all night.

Oh, and turn your hair into a turban. HIDE THE RING IN THERE!

(Vera Wang.)

3. Definitely make sure your up-do doubles the volume of your head.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images

When are you ever going to wear your hair like you’re going to prom again? Well, probably not until you have to be a bridesmaid in One of Those weddings but still.

(By Douglas Hannant.)

4. Look like a tiered drying rack for dinner napkins.

Randy Brooke / Getty Images

5. Dress up your head just as much as your body.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

This is by Marchesa. Here’s how the whole ensemble looked:

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

6. Wear cat ears on your boobs.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Hides armpit folds.

(By Marchesa.)

7. Turn that dust ruffle you don’t like anymore into a wedding dress.

This is by Fancy.

8. Make sure your dress prevents anyone from standing too close to you.

And is super-tight from the knees up. So that you almost look like a caterpillar wearing a skirt.

(Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld.)

9. Grow things on your arms.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty Images

Spice up those lace sleeves, why don’t you.


10. And when in doubt, just rip off Kate Middleton.

(Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld.)

She wore Alexander McQueen, of course.

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