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    10 Fashion Solutions For Paul Ryan — And Every Other Tall, Thin Guy Whose Clothes Don't Fit

    Paul Ryan suffers from a common problem men with his tall, lanky figure have: his clothes make him look like he's drowning in a sea of fabric. You (or your boyfriends/husbands) can get avoid this with the right brands and a few simple guidelines.

    After highlighting the problem of Paul Ryan's supersized suits and gingham shirts, his rep emailed, "The American people are asking, where are the fitted shirts?" Well, American people, I will tell you! Let's look at options by brand — American brand.

    1. J. Crew: the Ludlow Suit.

    J. Crew may be a classic MObama brand, but if Ryan can get past that, the Ludlow suit is apparently a great option for him. Described by a men's stylist friend of mine as a "go-to for guys looking for a more modern fit," this style comes in a variety of fabrics (some lighter for spring, some heavier for faull) with a cut that flatters a lot of figures while maintaining a slim fit. This two-button jacket is $425 (you can add a monogram for $10) while the pants are $225.


    J. Crew also makes a Ludlow shirt — in gingham, which is key/screams proud American — for $88. (The shirt comes in a varieties of fabrics so you're not confined to gingham.) Try the slim cut.

    3. Brooks Brothers: Extra-Slim Fit Shirts

    Did you know Brooks Brothers is the oldest men's clothing chain in the U.S.? And started as a family business with 1818? I'm guessing not because why would you bother to Wikipedia that? Anyway, their "Extra-Slim Fit" shirts come highly recommended as "slim but not tight." Also they seem to be having some sort of deal — $219 for 3. Who doesn't love saving money? Ryan is all about it.

    4. Banana Republic Monogram

    Banan's higher-end line is called "Monogram" and has some great fall options, like herringbone, which might be too edgy for Ryan but might not be too edgy for you/your man! Pictured is a stretch cotton blazer that costs $450. Customers are so passionate about this particular suit that they leave comments on BR's site just to defend its honor.

    5. Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Estate Shirts

    This one is on sale for $80. Again, supposed to be a great option for the slim-waisted, bulky-ish-shouldered lads.

    6. DKNY Suiting

    American designer Donna Karan's lower-priced brand isn't necessarily a go-to for slim fit suits, but ones that come in fabrics of heavier weight are supposed to be great. The slim-fit "slight pinstripe" style pictured is $595.

    7. Jack Spade Shirts

    These have an inherently great slim fit. This chambray option is a bit pricier at $125, but it's not on sale like some other options here.

    8. Thom Browne Oxford Shirt

    Highly recommended by menswear fashion enthusiasts/experts, but Browne's stuff is pricy (this style is $320 at Barneys). So perhaps not ideal for a guy like Ryan who wouldn't want to look flashy, but if you're looking to treat yourself you might give Browne's line a shot.

    9. Hamilton Bespoke Dress Shirts

    Founded in 1883, Hamilton makes custom shirts in its Houston, Texas workshop. Go, America! You can order these online or through a specialist at an affiliated retailer. Also a little pricy at around $250 to $300 per shirt but getting tops custom-made is the best way to insure a fabulous fit. However be wary of measuring oneself. A lot of the time custom shirts ordered on the internet don't come out right because dudes don't know how to measure themselves, so maybe have a tailor do it.

    10. Shirts by J. Hilburn

    Apparently Esquire considers these the best dress shirts. The prices (which seem to start at $109) aren't totally outrageous. Again, be careful if you're measuring yourself because if you mess up or do it sloppy you're not going to have a fabulously fitting product.

    Also, these are made with Italian fabrics which might make them Paul Ryan-unfriendly? But regular people can embrace such a thing. Go, Italy!

    Other Fashion Tips For Paul Ryan/Men With His Body Type:

    • "Look for suits with slim lapels, higher arm openings, and a slightly shorter length," my menswear stylist friend suggests.

    • Find a tailor. Nothing off the rack is going to fit perfectly. A good tailor can help with this and make anything you wear look instantly more refined/expensive.

    • Find a custom suit maker in your area. While you can order custom suits online, as I said, it's always safer to just see a guy in person who can fit you properly.

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