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    29 Things You Need To Eat In Leeds

    Proof that Leeds is the food capital of the North.

    1. Hummus from Humpit.

    Humpit / Via Facebook: pg

    If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right – and Humpit do hummus right. Go for a classic bowl of their creamy hummus, served with your choice of toppings (I recommend the spicy salsa) and hunks of fresh pitta bread to mop it all up. Their stuffed pittas are also a great takeaway lunch option if you're passing by the Corn Exchange.

    2. Steak and chips at Headrow House.

    Tom Joy / Via Facebook: pg

    There's a lot worth eating at Headrow House's resident restaurant, Ox Club, but you've not really lived until you've eaten their signature wood-fired steak & chips whilst sampling the wares of the Beer Hall. There's just something about eating possibly the best steak of your life from a takeaway box that feels both dirty and decadent at the same time.

    3. Session fries at Patty Smith's.

    Patty Smith's / Via Facebook: pg

    Come for the best burgers in Leeds, stay for the Session Fries. The burgers are dirty, but these fries are downright filthy – covered in smoked pancetta, pecorino, fried rosemary, pickled chillies, Sriracha chilli mayo and rosemary sea salt. You could share... or you could not.

    4. Pancakes and chicken at The Greedy Pig.

    5. Salted caramel brownie from Noisette Bakehouse.

    Noisette Bakehouse / Via Facebook: noisettebakehouseuk

    You'll find Sarah's delicious baked goods popping up around the city and whilst every mouthful of her baking tastes like it came from heaven, it's the salt caramel brownie that keeps me awake at night. You may think you've had a good salted caramel brownie before, but until you've tasted this one, you would be wrong.

    6. Cod tacos at Pinche Pinche.

    7. Deep fried zucchini at Zucco.

    8. Kolkata Chaat at The Cat's Pyjamas.

    9. The Moozadell from Boss Burgers.

    Boss Burgers / Via Facebook: BossBurgersUK

    Melty mozzarella, slow roast peppers, sweet caramelised onions, peppery rocket and "Boss Mayo" on top of a freshly grilled burger, sandwiched between a brioche bun... Sorry, where was I again?

    10. Okra fries at Bundobust.

    Bundobust / Via Facebook: pg

    When it comes to the Bundobust menu, you can't go too far wrong. Their Vada Pav, Masala Dosa and Bhel Puri are all shining stars but it's the okra fries that you really can't miss.

    11. Pad Thai at My Thai.

    My Thai / Via

    Authentic Thai food for under a tenner in under ten minutes. Seriously, this place is the bomb dot com. Any of their dishes will hit the spot, but I always think you can judge a place on its Pad Thai – and My Thai's one is delicious. Oh, and definitely order some of the pork dumplings on the side.

    12. Donut burger at Red's True Barbecue.

    Red's True Barbecue / Via

    If you're feeling a bit Man vs. Food then Red's True Barbecue is the place for you. Their donut burger sandwiches two patties, melted cheese, smoked peppered bacon, crispy onions and "Dirty" sauce in between two sweet-glazed donuts. You have to experience it to believe it...

    13. Sunday roast at The Adelphi.

    The Adelphi / Via

    A simple Sunday roast is surprisingly hard to get right, so the one at The Adelphi is a revelation. This is British food at its best.

    14. Risotto Vasco at Pintura Kitchen.

    Justin Gardner / Via Facebook: pinturakitchen

    As well as an extensive gin menu and the copper interiors of dreams, Pintura serve up some of the best tapas in town. You could happily order anything off the menu, but make sure to get a serving of the Risotto Vasco - creamy orzo risotto made with smoked basque cheese. Ask for a seat at the counter, if you can, and watch your food being made fresh in front of you, too.

    15. Salt and pepper onion petals at The Botanist.

    16. Chilli paneer wrap from Manjit's Kitchen.

    17. House special doner at I Am Doner.

    Matthew Collinge / Via Facebook: Iamdoneruk

    Stuffed full of halloumi, falafel, lamb and chicken, as well as their signature mix of salad, pickled pink cabbage and roasted veggies, this kebab is unlike anything you've ever had before. You'll even want to eat it sober. They recently cleaned up at the British Kebab Awards, so you know this is the real deal.

    18. Charcuterie at Friends of Ham.

    Friends of Ham / Via Facebook: friendsofham

    The key is in the name; the guys at Friends of Ham really know their charcuterie so it's definitely worth popping in for an afternoon sampling their meat and cheese selection along with a few choice bevvies.

    19. Sushi at Hana Matsuri.

    20. Sweetcorn fritters at Laynes Espresso.

    Giles Smith / Via Facebook: pg

    If you ask anyone in Leeds where to go for the best coffee in the city, they'll probably tell you to head to Laynes. They've recently expanded and added a tempting brunch menu for you to enjoy alongside your flat white, including these next level sweetcorn fitters served with halloumi, chimichurri and a poached egg.

    21. Smoky chicken quesadilla at Cielo Blanco.

    22. Yakisoba at Fuji Hiro.

    23. Pig's cheek at The Reliance.

    24. Lamb roll at Rola Wala.

    Rola Wala / Via Facebook: rolawalaleeds

    This is Indian food, but not as you know it. 43 ingredients go into making this spicy and flavoursome lamb roll, all wrapped up in a soft naan, and the extra effort definitely counts. You'll find these guys in Trinity Kitchen, knocking the socks off've any food court meal you've ever had before.

    25. Thai pork belly stew at Calls Landing.

    26. A Silvio slice at Dough Boys.

    27. Crumpets at Sheaf St Cafeteria.

    The Grub & Grog Shop / Via Facebook: thegrubandgrogshop

    With The Grub & Grog Shop at the helm, you're guaranteed a good breakfast at Sheaf St Cafeteria. Their crumpets, slathered in butter and jam, are basically heaven on a plate.

    28. Avocado on toast at Stories.

    29. Chocolate & sea salt ice cream from Northern Bloc.

    Northern Bloc / Via Facebook: northernbl0c

    You might have to go searching for them, but Northern Bloc supply ice cream to some of my favourite spots in Leeds – and it's worth grabbing a scoop or two when you see them. All of their flavours are out of this world, but if you're struggling to choose then you can't go far wrong with the chocolate and sea salt as a starting point.