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    29 Things You Need To Eat In Leeds

    Proof that Leeds is the food capital of the North.

    1. Hummus from Humpit.

    2. Steak and chips at Headrow House.

    3. Session fries at Patty Smith's.

    4. Pancakes and chicken at The Greedy Pig.

    5. Salted caramel brownie from Noisette Bakehouse.

    6. Cod tacos at Pinche Pinche.

    7. Deep fried zucchini at Zucco.

    8. Kolkata Chaat at The Cat's Pyjamas.

    9. The Moozadell from Boss Burgers.

    10. Okra fries at Bundobust.

    11. Pad Thai at My Thai.

    12. Donut burger at Red's True Barbecue.

    13. Sunday roast at The Adelphi.

    14. Risotto Vasco at Pintura Kitchen.

    15. Salt and pepper onion petals at The Botanist.

    16. Chilli paneer wrap from Manjit's Kitchen.

    17. House special doner at I Am Doner.

    18. Charcuterie at Friends of Ham.

    19. Sushi at Hana Matsuri.

    20. Sweetcorn fritters at Laynes Espresso.

    21. Smoky chicken quesadilla at Cielo Blanco.

    22. Yakisoba at Fuji Hiro.

    23. Pig's cheek at The Reliance.

    24. Lamb roll at Rola Wala.

    25. Thai pork belly stew at Calls Landing.

    26. A Silvio slice at Dough Boys.

    27. Crumpets at Sheaf St Cafeteria.

    28. Avocado on toast at Stories.

    29. Chocolate & sea salt ice cream from Northern Bloc.