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10 Weirdest Things Witnessed In A Grocery Store

Written by a former checkout chick who has seen it all, these are just some of the highlights that come from working in a grocery store in Australia.

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1. A physical fight over a box of cherries.


On Christmas Eve, places like Coles and Woolies reduce all their fresh produce prices to get rid of as much stuff as possible. One year I witnessed a woman literally race another woman to the last box of cherries, push her and then run off to the checkouts with said cherries.

3. Christmas Eve

People genuinely panicking on Christmas Eve because the shops are closed for two days. I once witnessed a woman running through the aisles yelling "we need one of everything, they're closed for two days!"

7. Scav Hunt

Quick Meme

An end of Year 12 tradition; scav hunt sends HSC students on a wild goose chase for an evening of crazy debauchery. You could always tell when Scav Hunt was on marked by the ridiculous outfits and the increase in sales of condoms, lube and cucumbers.



My personal favourite. Once whilst attending self serve, a man walked through with a handful of items and was the only customer there. I’m just standing there watching him and all of a sudden I could hear this “beep” noise. But not the beep of the self-serve scanner, it was the man “beeping” himself trying to convince me that he had scanned the items.

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