The Great British Bake Off Drinking Game That You’ve Been Waiting For

On your marks, get set, DRINK!

2. 1 SHOT - Contestant caught like a deer in headlights by Paul Hollywood’s icy stare.

If your shit is under-baked, lord have mercy on your soul.

3. 2 SHOTS - “Another thirty seconds?”

Don’t you dare ask for more time, Mary doesn’t take kindly to begging.

4. 2 SHOTS - Mary Berry erotically flicks crumb from corner of mouth.

Moist is one of her favourite words.

5. 1 SHOT - Sue shoehorns sexual innuendo into link.

And we know what you’re doing in that car park Sue. Sexing. Cakey sexing.

6. 3 SHOTS - Dropped cake.

Drop that cake, and it’s all over. Both for the contestant and your liver.

7. 1 SHOT - Contestant ruins fondant icing with bitter tears of failure.

Get it together love, it’s only sugar and eggs.

8. 3 SHOTS - Viewers realise they’ve never heard anyone say ‘tartlets’ out loud before.

Am I right Sue? Am I right?

9. 1 SHOT PER PLASTER - Blue plaster appears on contestant’s finger.

I need to make a trip to the off license…

10. 1 SHOT - Contestant dejectedly sits on floor in front of oven.

Happy drinking, folks!

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