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The Men Of "The Mindy Project" Rated By Date-Ability

How many sour worms are they worth? Warning: SPOILERS if you haven't watched up to Season 2, Episode 8.

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Everyone's dream OB/Gyn, Mindy Lahiri, comes across many men in her time roaming the streets of New York and the halls of her office building. Her endless pursuit of love inspires us to view all men as potential dates. Accordingly, here is a list of the men of The Mindy Project rated in date-ability, by sour worms.

Paul Leotard

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In some ways it was cruel to put James Franco in the show and not make him lovable. The mix of emotions was very confusing. At first he’s super charismatic, albeit undeniably stuck up, but then he just gets annoying. Mindy is Dr L, Paul.

1/10 sour worms

Brendan Deslaurier

Fox / Via mindyproject.tumblr.com

At first it seems like, if you’re into an alternative, holistic lifestyle, this is the guy for you. But then you break it down. The office in a Manhattan high rise, the fancy pad, the fact that he’s actually kind of a douche? Doesn’t quite add up.

2/10 sour worms


Fox / Via letsberealblog.wordpress.com

So, Mindy did just date this guy to prove a point, but he’s still worth including. Some crazy sexual tension was flying about the place with this guy, but his relationship potential was lacking. I can’t be stressing about my date potentially wanting to “dine and dash,” that’s just really rude, isn’t it?

2/10 sour worms


Fox / Via worldofwonder.net

Adorable culture snob, this is another confusing one. To be fair, he did try not to care that Mindy didn’t have the same high brow interests as him but in the end it was never going to work. For someone engaged in similar cultural pursuits he may be perfect – but let’s not forget that his refusal to consider other interests raises some red flags.

3/10 sour worms

Morgan Tookers

Fox / Via elbrooklyntaco.com

The eccentric nurse with the added bonus of a criminal record. He’s probably not the first person who springs to mind when you think “eligible bachelor,” but he has a heart of gold and his dedication to Dr L. and the whole team at Schulman and Associates is quite adorable. Plus there’s that thing about everyone who dates him meeting their husband straight after…

5/10 sour worms

Peter Prentice

Fox / Via thatslutinthearmchair.tumblr.com

He’s kind of loud, brash and occasionally obnoxious. Not great with first impressions. But he is absolutely the life of the party and would be great to have around to lighten the mood whenever necessary. Plus he’s got a super cute smile. And despite all his flaws (see above) you can’t help but like him. Oh I give up.

7/10 sour worms

Jeremy Reed

Fox / Via rebloggy.com

What a character arc! From a suave or sleazy (depending on your point of view) womanizer, to an ever-so-slightly-chubby, permanent stress-head, we’ve seen all sides of Dr Jeremy Reed. Obviously a wrong fit for Mindy from the start, that doesn’t mean he’s not dateable for you. And, while it’s no good that his confidence is down, this newly humble Jeremy Reed is quite alluring. And as the newly minted manager of the practice? Dat work ethic.

8/10 sour worms


Fox / Via realdetective.tumblr.com

Deep breath for this one, everybody. I may be bias but after the extent to which I was shipping this relationship, who can blame me. His sensitivity, his patience, the way they could say anything to each other…While the relationship faced challenges – religious differences, the fact that he wanted Mindy to move to Haiti for a year – they got through them. Well, until his career indecision got a bit too hard to handle. But Mindy was strong and ended it. It was the hardest breakup Mindy (and I) ever went through.

8/10 sour worms


Fox / Via wewatchfortheplot.wordpress.com

Did anyone else find this one coming totally out of left field? A very surprising but lasting connection. He’s a lawyer, has money (Mindy loves that) and is surprisingly invested in him and Mindy’s “friendship.” Let’s face it, Peter and Morgan may have destroyed any relationship potential with Cliff forever but here’s hoping that by some miracle they didn’t.

9/10 sour worms

Danny Castellano

Fox / Via followpics.net

OKAY. Well we all know how we feel about this one. He’s aggravating at times but kind of adorable and the way he and Mindy bicker like an old married couple has a tendency to make the ovaries hurt. Deep down he is a big softy that might be a great boyfriend, but on the outside he’s still grumpy and a bit judgmental. Room for improvement.

9/10 sour worms

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