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13 Problems Only Uncoordinated People Understand

“You can’t be that bad at sports.” No, believe me, I am.

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1. The simplest activities can be near impossible.


Like walking along the pavement without faceplanting.

2. You’re constantly having to attempt to cover up the fact that you almost fell over.


So you end up looking like you love doing little jigs down the street. Either that or you purposefully test gravity.

3. You would think that with all the tripping over you do, your recovery would be exceptional.


You would be wrong.

4. Life is a constant cycle of buying and replacing crockery, sunglasses, phones and anything else brittle.

5. Not to mention the millions of awkward apologies to friends for breaking their crockery, sunglasses, phones or anything else brittle.

6. While other kids at school loved PE as an opportunity to go outside and run around, it was your own personal form of hell.


Seriously, detention was less of a punishment – sitting in a classroom for an hour? Piece of cake

7. Coordinated people don’t understand, so you actually have to convince them that yes, you really are as bad at sport as you say.


No, I will not join your baseball game to prove it to you.

8. When people are desperate for another player on their team and insist that their team is relaxed and no one cares if you’re bad at playing


It’s all lies.

9. And if you do ever get roped into a “friendly game” of literally anything, all the wrath in the world is unleashed upon you.


I told you I couldn’t catch!

10. You dread summer, because that’s when all of a sudden everyone wants to play sport all the time.


Legitimately, why is beach volleyball a thing? WHY RUIN THE BEACH WITH SPORT?

11. Sexy dancing, what is that?


Never going to work.

12. You can’t even resort to a flirty game of pool with the opposite sex, because your hand eye coordination is literally that bad.


It’s not cute, it’s just embarrassing.

13. And just when you think no embarrassment can possibly exceed the embarrassment from the last fall/breakage/sporting fail, your lack of coordination reaches new heights.


It’s sort of amazing.

In the words of Zooey Deschanel...

And guys too!

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