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5 Impressive Homemade Desserts That Require Zero Effort

Because delicious desserts should be as easy to make as they are to eat.

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1. Poached Pears

Emilie Hardman / Via Flickr: quintanaroo

It's the ultimate dinner party dessert hack. If you're going to be kept busy cooking or chatting and just want a tasty dessert you don't have to hover over, the humble poached pear offers a classy solution. They're delicious, cheap, and so low-maintenance they can be made hours or full days ahead of time. Try this red wine recipe for a rich, grownup poached pear. Serve with a simple pumpkin cream for some serious chef cred.

2. Chocolate Fudge

Diana Rattray / Via

Ordinary fudge takes time, precision, and so. Much. Beating. Thankfully, with the delicious addition of chocolate, this sweet treat can be made in minutes, zero whisking guaranteed! This recipe really is foolproof. Add pistachios for an adult twist, or marshmallows and crushed cookies for a kid-friendly crunch.

3. Sweet Stuffed French Toast Rolls

Pati Jinich / Via

Your favorite indulgent breakfast just got a delicious evening makeover. Filling, affordable, and fast, these stuffed French toast rolls make for a great midweek treat. Stuff them with Nutella for a thick chocolate-y bite, or add tasty dulce de leche for a subtle burst of flavor. Added bonus? Your kitchen will smell of cinnamon for hours.

4. Chocolate Croissants

Joanne / Via

There's an elephant in the room, and it's shaped like puff pastry. Ok, maybe this dessert isn't completely homemade- this recipe calls for ready-made pastry. But self satisfaction and an impressive-looking bake aren't the only reasons to make these ridiculously easy croissants at home. Firstly, a fresh egg wash gives a much richer, crisper top than you'll find on most supermarket croissants. Secondly, you can really make them your own- dark chocolate croissants with marmalade wash and pistachio, white chocolate with raspberry and almond, etc. Thirdly, it works out a whole lot cheaper for big batches this way. And you have to admit, it doesn't hurt that they'll impress just about everyone (I won't tell if you won't).

5. Peach Cobbler

Ralph Daily / Via

Peach cobbler is a deceptive desert. Hearty and delicious, with a pleasing mix of crispness and creamy peach, it's hard to imagine that this crowd-pleaser is so easy to make- but it is. Perfect for all ages, try this simple recipe for your next family get-together or office potluck.

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