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11 Companies Doing A Great Job At Marketing On Vine

It's like watching short commercials made for your phone.

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Vine was only introduced in January, but some companies have been really quick to adopt the app to use it as another great way to market themselves. Here are 11 companies that have been creative in using Vine.

1. Oreo

Around Halloween, Oreo did witty takes on horror films such as "Night of the Living Dead" (or "Night of the Bitten Cookie") and "The Shining" ("The Spilling"). Oreo has been fantastic in using social media this year, such as it's quick-thinking Super Bowl tweet.


2. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts has been regularly posting some Vines of football plays done by NFL teams using coffee cups. It's the official coffee of the Philadelphia Eagles, so it likes football.

3. Ikea

Ikea uses its account to show different style suggestions to decorate. Don't you just want to go to an Ikea and buy a bunch of stuff now?

4. Taco Bell

Social media platforms are really meant for interaction. So while most companies just post their own Vines, Taco Bell revines others' videos in addition to creating its own. So if you tag Taco Bell, you might end up on the Taco Bell feed.

5. Lowe's Home Improvement

Some companies use Vine to be funny, but some use it to be helpful (while hopefully interesting you to purchase something from them). Lowe's makes Vines to offer home improvement tips or tricks.

6. Target

Target posts a lot of season-related Vines, usually involving products sold at Target, of course.

7. Dove

Dove posts Vines that are in line with its campaign to encourage confidence in women about how they look.

8. General Electric

General Electric, with almost 100 Vines, is one of the more prolific companies using the app. It mostly posts about science, including some experiments you can try yourself.

9. Honda

Honda uses its Vine to share news. It also crowdsourced for donations for its Project Drive-In to raise money to save drive-ins that couldn't afford to upgrade to digital projection by the end of the year.

10. Samsung

Samsung shows various things you can do on our phone as well as sharing news about products.

11. Sheetz

Sheetz uses its various social media platforms to show people enjoying their food (eating it or playing with it) or promoting new, interesting concepts behind a new item on the menu.

Who am I missing? Anyone you're surprised doesn't use Vine?

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