Feelings You May Feel When Starting York University

A guide to the trials you may go through when starting York University in Ontario. Good luck!

1. Congrats, you got into York!

2. Even though they’ve gone on strike before, this school year is actually going to happen!

3. You’re psyched to be going to school in Toronto.

4. But when you arrive, you’re a little further north than you expected.

5. Still, you go ahead with Frosh Week and find out that your college is made up of an inexplicable mix of majors.

6. Before classes start, you try to navigate the campus, including its unique wind tunnels.

7. And start to fantasize about what Glendon campus is like.

8. Or you walk through Vari Hall, avoiding the religious protests.

9. Finally, you go to your first class, and try to find a seat in the midst of 200 people.

10. Then, since your readings start right away, it’s off to the bookstore.

11. Make sure you explore some food options. There’s the Tim Horton’s in Central Square and Popeye’s in York Lanes.

12. Once you’ve gone to class and spent all your money on books and lunch, it’s time to go to the bus stop.

13. Or maybe you live in a dorm on campus. And your room looks like a jail cell.

14. Which means you’ll spend many nights heading back to said dorm with the cast of characters that take the last 196 back from Downsview.

15. And you’ll walk across campus in the middle of the night.

(Or call GoSafe.)

17. But hang in there!

18. As time goes on, your class size will dwindle and you’ll get to shine.

19. And maybe you’ll get to take classes like History of Comics and Cartoons.

20. And make some new friends to help you get through.

21. Plus, with everyone in their PJs, you’ll look even more fabulous.

22. So enjoy it. When you graduate, you’ll make a list like this and start to miss it.

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