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12 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me

Because writing a cover letter sucks.

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Hi there! My name is Amy. If I've forwarded this link to you, it means that I think your company is pretty great and I'd really love to work with you. If you've just stumbled across this post, then I hope you enjoy it too, but feel free to skip to the end and move onto something more relevant to your interests, like Game of Thrones.

1. I graduated from Lincoln University with a 2:1 degree and, like 95% of everyone who studies Media Production, I moved to London to pursue my dream career.

2. The 'dream' started with long hours and back-to-back days spent working in retail, behind bars (the good kind), internships and volunteer work.


I genuinely believe that all experiences - good and bad - can have a positive effect on your work ethic.

3. Although my experience is primarily fashion based, I’m passionate about creating smart, sharable content and spotting trends anywhere.

I spent three years writing fashion, beauty and celebrity led copy for a bunch of websites that don't exist anymore. I’ve also guest-edited features for Special K and appeared at a number of online publications including and PHOENIX Magazine.

4. As well as writing features, I've produced copy for everything from show reports and product descriptions to newsletters and social media.


Over the last 9 months I've developed, managed and maintained the WilliamVintage website. Alongside this, I managed WilliamVintage's social media accounts, promoting TV spots, press features and red carpet moments as well as increasing engagement and interactivity with clients, talent and new followers.

6. I have experience in managing social media content, developing brand identity across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


I understand that being 'social' isn't just a 9-5 gig. Award shows are always scheduled on Sunday evening and Twitter never sleeps - GO FIGURE.

8. I’m confident liaising with everyone from senior staff and shareholders, to agencies and interns.


Although if you introduce me to J Law, I can’t guarantee that we won't be best friends until the end of time...

10. Although I am happy working alone, I also thrive in a team environment where I can bounce ideas around and offer advice or assistance to others.

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