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Are You A Cool Girl?

Do you think you're not like those other girls? Do you prefer spending time with the guys? Find out if you're really a cool girl by taking this quick quiz!

AmyDavid 9 months ago

Do You Know Your Brawlin' Dolls, Part 2!

The season has seen the addition of some new skaters to the roster, and we could never do any derby about our refs and non-skating officials! See how well you know our newer faces, the zebras, and the one-and-only guy in the fez!

AmyDavid 3 years ago

Should You Join Lafayette Brawlin' Dolls Roller Derby?

Take this quiz to find out if you should come out to the LBD Roller Derby Callout on April 17th, 2pm, at Nine Irish Brothers, West Lafayette to learn more about becoming a skater, referee, non-skating official, or other volunteer.

AmyDavid 3 years ago