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    You Know You're An Obanite If...

    Oban. Pretty seaside town on the west coast of Scotland. Human population: 8,500. Seagull population: 25 million. Grew up there? You'll probably find the following pretty relatable.

    1. You can’t walk down the street without bumping into someone you know.

    Disney / Via

    You always add on an extra 15 minutes to get to where you need to be, just in case.

    2. You want to slap every summer visitor who feeds the seagulls chips with a wet fish. / Via

    Rats of the sky. They don’t need any encouragement.

    3. This is a normal wildlife spot. Nothing that special about it.

    Instagram: @amyckx / Via

    Other common spots include herons, basking sharks, red squirrels and the odd dolphin in the bay. Nothing special at all...

    4. You get the shorts on and go wading into the sea at Ganavan at the first glimpse of the sun. / Via

    You better make the most of it though, summer only lasts a day.

    5. You meet your friend’s parents or grandparents and they start asking who you are and who are your parents. They end up knowing your own family tree better than you do. / Via

    There’s no escaping it, just accept and buckle in for the history lesson. Hopefully you’ll learn a few embarrassing stories about your parents to save for Christmas dinner.

    6. Some things are just fact. Like the fact that fish just is better back home.

    Instagram: @amyckx / Via

    We don’t call ourselves the seafood capital for nothing.

    7. You forget every time just how long 3 hours is when there’s no wifi or 3G to keep you entertained on the Glasgow train. / Via

    Good thing the view is stunning. You just have to hope there’s enough daylight to see it.

    8. But your 3G is pretty strong in town if you find it in that one spot on the pavement. / Via

    The eternal struggle for internet coverage continues. One day, one day...

    9. You’ve been hungover as all hell because “a quiet few” ended up with you dancing in The Lorne til 2am. / Via

    At least you can head to Spoons to eat the hangover away the next morning. And then start the sesh all over again.

    10. You aren't doing your duty if you don't correct people when they call it "McCaig’s Folly"

    Instagram: @louiselavery_xo / Via

    It’s The Tower. End of discussion.

    11. You battled a seagull for your lunch at least once on your way back to school from Tesco / Via


    12. You can tell city folk your hometown doesn’t have a club, but it does have a ceilidh house. / Via

    Yes, you’re a bunch of teuchters. And you’re proud of it.

    13. And that ceilidh house, McTs? It has stolen your dignity and refuses to give it back. / Via

    You just pray in the morning you came home with everything so you aren’t the person posting on Facebook asking if people can return your handbag/shoes/jacket/keys/ability to say no to tequila.

    14. You know that only a teuchter can call another teuchter 'teuchter'.

    Sony Pictures Television / Via

    From anyone else, it’s an insult. But from a fellow teuchy, it's a badge of honour. We also have in-built teuchter detectors. We can always pick them out in a crowd.

    15. And no matter where you are in the world, there’s a part of you that yearns to be back on the west coast

    Instagram: @_moneypowerfame / Via

    Because Dorothy was right - there’s no place like home.