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15 Clever Wedding DIYs That Double As Gifts To Yourself

Because if you're going to be spending that much time making something it better give back to you.

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1. Easy floral monograms that will decorate your future baby's nursery.

These floral monograms are insanely beautiful and equally as easy to make. Use them for your welcome area, hang them on the back of your sweetheart table chairs, or create table numbers instead. Post wedding, put them on display in your new home for the world to see, or, if applicable, use for your future child's nursery!

What you'll need:

- Flowers (preferably of various sizes)

- Hot glue gun

- Sharpies

- Scissors

- Sheet of cardboard (foam boards work, as well)

Learn from the pros here.

2. Dainty mercury glass votives that will help spruce up your new home.

If you are planning to use several of these for your wedding be prepared to save a nice chunk of money. The cost-effectiveness of this DIY is especially fruitful if you have some empty wine bottles or mason jars just lying around looking for some love. Even old, cleaned out candle holders could do nicely. After the wedding, take these home to sprinkle around your new digs and spruce up the space.

What you’ll need:

- Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like Spray Paint

- White vinegar

- Water

- Spray bottle

- Paper towels or a soft rag

- Newspaper or cardboard

- Glass pieces/containers of your choice

Get the full run down here.

3. Whimsical wax paper backdrop that will become the statement piece at your new home.

This wax paper backdrop is so picturesque and lush that no one will ever guess you handmade it. It might take some time to make, but the end result will be so worth the expenditure when you're finally at the altar getting killer shots. Afterwards, make this the statement piece in your home, and stun your future house guests by displaying it on the wall behind your couch or TV.

What you'll need:

- 10+ yards of ribbon

- Size 10 crochet string

- Tapestry needle

- Scissors

- 1 1/2 boxes of interfolded waxed deli sheets (pre-cut wax paper circles also work)

- Patience

Start your journey of DIY mastery here.

4. Darling mailbox card holder that can be reused at your first house.

This DIY is so easy you could make it with your toes while your hands finish making the wax paper backdrop. Just pick out your favorite mailbox and decorate it with florals or greenery. You can even do handprints and names à la Ellie and Carl in "Up". Once the wedding is over, reuse the mailbox for your first home.

What you'll need:

- Mailbox (this one on Amazon is $32).

- Literally anything else you want

See the mailbox in action here.

5. Crafty Instagram coaster favors that will love on all your mugs.

If you drink water you've probably used a coaster (or know someone who has). Thus, coasters make great favors and are incredibly practical; and using your Instagram photos will give it that personal touch. To add extra pizzazz try turning the pictures into polaroids first, like the ones displayed above. Be sure to use a variety of photos that exhibit more than just your and your fiancé's faces. Following the wedding, collect all the leftover favors (because there will be some) and use in your own home, or giveaway to more appreciative friends and family.

What you'll need:

- 4" (10 cm) tile squares

- Mod Podge or other white craft glue

- Paint brush

- Printed photos or pretty scrapbook paper

- Pencil

- Craft knife

- Ruler

See extensive tutorial here.

6. Fun date-jar guestbook that will keep you enthralled weeks after the wedding.

This is a really easy and unique guestbook idea that could keep you and your spouse fully entertained weeks after the wedding ends. Steal guests' creative date ideas and refer to the suggestions later on when you and your new hubby/wifey are stuck on what to do. Keep things spicy by vowing to do whatever date idea you select no matter what.

What you'll need:

- Glass jar or container of some sort (preferably something that is easy to reach into)

- Free date jar printables

- Various colors of cardstock

- Cute frame

- Glitter cardstock

- Sharpies

- Mini-rubber bands

- Scrapbooking adhesive

- Ribbon

- Scissors

Achieve marital success (and get free printables) here.

7. Creative mirror seating chart that will also be your future bedroom mirror.

Let's be real. Nobody likes making escort cards. They're time-consuming, can be costly for such a small part of your wedding, and are a pain to organize. Little did you know that the answer to all your troubles is right here in this post. This mirror seating chart is another simple DIY with a stunning end result that will blow all your guests out of the water. After the wedding is done, take that puppy home, wipe everything down, and use it as a bedroom or dining room mirror.

What you'll need:

- Large mirror of your choice (for larger guest lists use multiple mirrors)

- Paint marker or chalk marker (brighter color preferred, usually white or gold)

- Blue painter's tape (to help create the layout)

- Rubbing alcohol (to wipe away any mistakes)

- Q-tips (for mini mistakes)

- Microfiber cloth (to clean any streaks before displaying)

- Various florals (to further decorate if you wish)

See another example here.

8. Clever canvas guestbook that will further adorn your home.

This is another offbeat guestbook idea that allows you to more creatively display all the nice things people would have written anyway in your normal guestbook. Take it home after and hang it up as you please. Maybe even create and hang a new blank one next to it for all your future house guests to sign.

What you'll need:

- Large gallery style canvas

- Two or three pretty colors of paint

- Stencil tape

- Wax paper

- A ruler for precision

- Sharpie paint pens

Start your journey as Picasso here.

9. This TO-DIE-FOR floral chandelier that will still be to die for after the wedding.

If you're at a loss for pretty decor, then let me introduce you to your newfound hope. This floral chandelier are what dreams are made of, and without me having to tell you I am sure you will find some useful employment for it somewhere. Your guests' eyes will thank you. At wedding's end, remake into a baby mobile with faux flowers, pretty trinkets, or toys.

What you'll need:

- 3-4 dozen flowers (for longevity use fake flowers)

- A wooden embroidery hoop

- 15-20 yards of assorted ribbon

- 1-2 yards of lace trim

- A D-ring or plastic ring

- Floral shears

- A bucket (if you're using real flowers)

- Glue gun

- Scissors

Make guests in awe here.

10. Elegant gold branches that are ready to jazz up your new living quarters.

I'm convinced that if you want to add class to any event just start spray painting things gold. These metallic branches are the perfect edition to any centerpiece to turn your affair from rustic to refined. Take them home after and toss in a hurricane vase for an easy decorative piece.

What you'll need:

- Manzanita branches

- Gold spray paint

See them in action here.

11. Sentimental handwritten plates that you can pass down to your children as their "something old."

These plates are simple to make and are also perfect little keepsakes. Write words from your wedding vows, lyrics from your favorite song, or secret messages to be read later on. The plates may be too precious to eat off everyday, so put them on display somewhere, and then pass them on to your children to use as their "something old" wedding plates.

What you'll need:

- Porcelaine paint fine tip marker

- Painters' tape

- White charger plate

- Sentimental words

See simple steps here.

12. Ingenious no-sew napkins that will keep your guests entertained for years to come.

Here's another idea that has the potential to save you some bucks while giving you tons of return. The best part about this DIY is that the napkins are washable and, therefore, reusable! You can gift them to friends and family after, or use them up throughout the years. You'll never have a dull dinner party ever again.

What you'll need:

- Fabric (2.25 yards of fabric equals 10 napkins)

- Roll Stitch Witchery or another type of no-sew adhesive (1/2 roll per 10 napkins)

- Scissors

- Iron

See resourceful tutorial here.

13. Exquisite grapewood centerpiece that will look so professionally done no one will believe you.

This is a more intricate centerpiece that has a more nautical vibe but is equally as elegant. After the wedding, replace fresh flowers with fake ones for longevity and set atop your dinner table to amaze your house guests.

What you'll need:

- 2.5" OASIS floral foam Iglu's, saturated with water

- 18-24' piece of sandblasted grapewood

- 6" pieces of OASIS Bind Wire

- White peonies

- Potted succulents

- "Yearning Desert" Amaranthus

Start home decor early here.

14. Killer wildcat cake stands to which all other cake stands will bow.

This is another DIY that will require a little more time and patience, but you will be skyrocketed to certain fame after your guests encounter your awesome creation. You also don't have to be limited to wildcats, so see what other specimen you can find. All the birthdays you celebrate from here on out will be no less than epic.

What you'll need:

- Plastic animal toys

- Wooden dowel rod (at least 1/2" thick)

- Wooden place

- Smaller wooden circle

- Drill

- Hand saw

- Gold spray paint (at least you'll have some other things to spray paint gold)

- White spray paint

- Wood glue

- Quick dry cement

Start road to fame here.

15. Glittery sneaks you can still boogie in long after the wedding is over.

Everyone needs a pair of glittery shoes. It's pretty much a law. Thus, do your feet a favor by changing into these at the end of your wedding to get down and dirty on the dance floor with no hindrances. The sneakers in this tutorial are an ode to Miu Miu but cost a fraction of the price. If you already have a pair of old sneakers waiting to be rediscovered you're in even greater luck. Once the wedding is over, you'll have a cute new pair of sneaks to wear around with all your flawless outfits.

What you'll need:

- Sneakers of choice (white Converse One Stars pictured here)

- Fabric glue and/or Mod Podge

- Paint brush to apply glue

- Silver glitter (or glitter color of choice)

- Fine black glitter (or glitter color of choice)

- Painter's tape

- Iron-on silver pyramid studs

Get your groove on here.

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