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    19 Problems Only Students Who Studied In Southampton Understand

    "No, I don't want to go to Oceana again."

    1. Meeting a new friend on a night out, only to discover they go to the "other uni".


    Why must you betray me like this?

    2. Thinking that moving to the coast would mean living near a beach.

    3. Going to Jesters and realising you wore your nice shoes.

    Flickr: ninha_lalala / Creative Commons / Twitter: @caitlinlhobbs / BuzzFeed

    You'll never be able to get the mud out of your white Converse.

    4. Or trying to have an innocent dance at Jesters, only to find yourself in the middle of a brawl.

    Flickr: r_rose

    Stay classy, Jesters.

    5. Being unable to chase the Golden Banana on Cheeky Tuesdays because you don't have access to a car.

    Twitter: @Ads_V

    Damn you, Willy Bonka.

    6. Wanting to go out somewhere but your friends insist on going to Oceana. Again.

    7. Having to take out a loan to take a bus journey anywhere in Southampton.


    8. Or trying to get on the U1 in the morning like a civilised human, only to become the newest contestant in the Hunger Games.

    9. Paying a respectable £1 for a Sourz shot on a Wednesday and then it fluctuating to £4 on Saturdays.

    10. Being promised free shots by Bedford promoters and, only once it's too late to turn back, getting told that you have to buy a drink first.

    You win again this time, Buddha.

    11. Being too drunk to complete the Fellowship Challenge at The Hobbit in one sitting.

    12. Innocently walking into a pub, only to realise it isn’t exactly "student friendly".

    Toho / Via


    13. Trying to enter West Quay on a Saturday, only to get lost in a sea of people.

    14. Not being able to go on Yik Yak without seeing some utterly brutal yaks.

    15. Leaving Switch too late and missing out on getting a post-club Subway.

    16. Constantly having to explain that there are two unis in Southampton.

    Olan Rodgers / Via

    And no, I don't know your friend from the other one.

    17. Wanting to go out on a Monday and realising your only option is Parfait.

    18. Having to spend a fortune on your journey home because you literally live at the bottom of the country.

    Fox / Via

    19. Let's be honest though, you wouldn't want to study anywhere else.

    Flickr: ststeve / Creative Commons

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