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19 Problems Only Students Who Studied In Southampton Understand

"No, I don't want to go to Oceana again."

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2. Thinking that moving to the coast would mean living near a beach.

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Although the docks aren't too shabby in the summer.


6. Wanting to go out somewhere but your friends insist on going to Oceana. Again.

9. Paying a respectable £1 for a Sourz shot on a Wednesday and then it fluctuating to £4 on Saturdays.

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The moral of the story: Never go out in Southampton on a Saturday.

11. Being too drunk to complete the Fellowship Challenge at The Hobbit in one sitting.

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There's always next time.


13. Trying to enter West Quay on a Saturday, only to get lost in a sea of people.


15. Leaving Switch too late and missing out on getting a post-club Subway.

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17. Wanting to go out on a Monday and realising your only option is Parfait.

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