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21 Things You'll Understand If You're A Control Freak

Things to do today: write a to do list.

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1. First and foremost, you cannot grasp how someone could love spontaneity.

2. Because the thought of letting someone else plan something fills you with dread.

3. You demand to be sent booking confirmations because you don’t trust anyone else to do it right.

4. You are always too early for everything.

5. And your biggest pet peeve is people being late.

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6. Which has led to many arguments with your more care-free friends.

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7. You hate it when someone else has control of the music.

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8. Or even worse, the choice of film.

9. Planning an outfit weeks in advance doesn’t seem weird to you.

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10. Nothing is more satisfying than ticking off everything on your to-do list.

11. Your planner is exceptionally organised.

12. And you panic if you aren't on schedule.

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13. If you aren't the leader of a group project, you will probably sulk.

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14. You also hate losing.

15. You have no time for slow walkers and you take it as a personal attack when they're in your way.


16. Your friends won’t let you watch them cook for you because you always let them know what they’re doing wrong.

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17. Your work spaces are always flawless.


18. And you can’t understand how people can work with rubbish around them.

19. You’re not quite sure how you’ll compromise on decor when you have to move in with your significant other.

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Simple. You won't.

20. Or how you’ll plan a wedding.


21. Basically, you surround yourself with really amazing people who are happy to go along with anything you suggest and you love them to death for it!

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