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13 MORE Canadian Bands Americans Should Definitely Be Listening To

There is so much talent from The Great White North, that another article was necessary.

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1. Mother Mother

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This band really should have been posted to Part One, but better late than never. This Vancouver band will be touring all over the U.S. this spring. Check them out. Listen to "Bit by Bit" to get you started.

2. The Sheepdogs

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The Sheepdogs gained some notoriety south of the border when they were the first unsigned band to grace the cover of Rolling Stone. They put Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on the musical map.

3. Monster Truck

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This is what pure rock sounds like. From Hamilton, Ontario, they released their "Furiosity" EP in 2013. Give it a try.

4. Billy Talent

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With more of a punk feel, this band has been killing it across Canada since the late '90s. To get a full feeling of what this band is about, you can buy their "Hits" album, on sale now.

5. Sam Roberts Band

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This Quebec Band released "Lo-Fantasy" in 2014, but has been getting major radio play across Canada for over 15 years. "We're All in This Together" is a newer track, but their older stuff is awesome, too.

6. Stars

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How can you say no to lyrics like, "Hold on when you get love, and let go when you get it"? Stars, from Montreal, doesn't quite fit into any genre. Think pop-rock-electronic-indie.

7. Our Lady Peace

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This Toronto band has been around since 1992. Yes, 1992, but they still hold up today. New music is filtering out, but start with the classic "Naveed". (side note: when part one of this article was published, OLP was the one band that people were most upset to see was missing.)

8. Said the Whale

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More talent from the West Coast, specifically, Vancouver. Watch the "I Love You" video; it's something you can't unsee.

9. Whitehorse

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You'd think they'd be from Whitehorse, but no, they came straight out of Hamilton, Ontario. Look for them touring across the U.S. this spring.

10. Sloan

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Another northern staple, Sloan is the near-definition of Canadian music. Anything they release is worth a listen, including this gem, "Money City Maniacs." From Toronto.

11. Hey Ocean!

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It can be argued that this Vancouver, Ontario band is more pop than rock, but they've been getting plenty of air time from indie radio stations. Try "Big Blue Wave" for a sample of their sound.

12. Big Wreck

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Some say Big Wreck is an American band, because it was actually founded in Boston. However, Ian Thornley is Canadian and Canada has always shown them the most love. Now it's your turn, America.

13. Joel Plaskett

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Whether he's performing as a solo act or with The Emergency, you're in for a treat. This Nova Scotia native will get you singing and dancing. "Nowhere with you" is a cross-country favourite.

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