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    13 Canadian Bands Americans Should Definitely Be Listening To

    Move over, Justin Bieber and Celine Dion.

    1. Arkells

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    From Hamilton, Ontario, this band is crushing it in Canada. They just won the Juno (think Canadian Grammy) for Group of the Year.

    2. July Talk

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    Winning Alternative Album of the Year at this year's Juno Awards, this Toronto band has a unique sound you just can't ignore.

    3. City and Colour

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    Otherwise known as Dallas Green, City and Colour is a singer/songwriter's dream come true. Have a listen to "Sleeping Sickness," which features Gordon Downie from The Tragically Hip.

    4. The Tragically Hip

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    The Tragically Hip has been around for decades. Start with their classic "New Orleans Is Sinking" from 1989.

    5. Hollerado

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    Catchy and fun, this Ottawa indie band has toured in the States before. Have a listen to "Pick Me Up" above.

    6. Metric

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    From Toronto, Metric is a rock band you really need to hear. Front woman Emily Haines is a girl that knows how to rock. Above is their hit song "Gimme Sympathy."

    7. Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker

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    Better known as USS, this alt-dance band is one not to be missed. Start with "This Is the Best," but keep exploring.

    8. Tokyo Police Club

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    The indie rock band hails from Newmarket, Ontario. "Hot Tonight," above, is quite the earworm, but you won't mind it getting stuck in your head.

    9. Hey Rosetta!

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    Chill, indie, and representing Canada's East Coast. The group, from St. John's, Newfoundland, released their fourth studio album Second Sight last fall.

    10. Tegan and Sara

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    Yes, they're Canadian! This pop-rock duo broke into the American music scene a couple of years ago. They performed "Everything Is Awesome" at this year's Academy Awards. Have a listen to their hit song "Closer."

    11. The Trews

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    Pure rock exported from Antigonish, Nova Scotia. The song above is "So She's Leaving" from the group's second full-length album.

    12. Hot Hot Heat

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    The name says it all. This hot indie rock band is from Victoria, British Columbia. Have a listen to "Bandages" from their first album, Make Up the Breakdown.

    13. Death From Above 1979

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    This Toronto band broke up in 2004, but reunited in 2011. They released their second album, The Physical World, last fall.

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