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10 April Fool's Day Jokes That Will Get You Punched In The Face

April Fool's Day sucks. Try these "fun" pranks and you deserve to be punched.

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The fake out


Creating paranoia and pretending that you are hatching some kind of evil prank when you really aren't is just annoying. And it proves you have no real creativity. Punch at the end of the day.

Spraying faucet

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If you play the faucet prank, put some distance between you and the victim, at least an arm's length.

Fake Facebook announcement

Sharing that you are pregnant/engaged/broke up, etc. is a punch waiting to happen. Moms get disappointed, friends get jealous and rumors spread like wildfire.

Fake lottery winner


Don't mess with someone's life by giving them a fake winning ticket. We all need money. Thinking you won is a crazy high. Finding out you lost is a gut-wrenching, punch inducing feeling of disappointment.

Messing with someone's tech gear


Tech gadgets and computers are expensive. Don't fake a cracked screen. Don't fake the blue screen of death. Don't change the options/languages/time. Just don't. Or get punched.

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