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    15 Killer Pancake Recipes That Will Make You Drool

    These aren't your grandma's Sunday morning pancakes, my foodie friends.

    1. Double Chocolate Pancakes

    Becky Bakes / Via

    Becky spent a couple of YEARS perfecting the chocolate pancake, and these (she says) are fluffy, decadent and oh-so-chocolate-y. YES.

    2. Meyer Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Chamomile Whipped Cream

    Two Red Bowls / Via

    Full of Meyer lemon-y goodness (and lots of zest) and made even better with a dollop of that amazing whipped cream!

    3. Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


    Buttermilk pancakes with a cinnamon filling AND cream cheese drizzle icing? C'mon.

    4. Cheesy Leftover Mashed Potato Pancakes

    Kelly Senyei / Via


    5. Cinnamon Marscapone Pancakes with Cherries


    Fluffy cinnamon pancakes are topped with a sweet mascarpone cream, chopped toasted hazelnuts, and kirsch soaked cherries - I'll take one (or five)!

    6. Eggs Benedict with Zucchini Pancakes


    Now I know another way to use up the endless amounts of zucchini from the garden.... YUM!

    7. Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes

    Tiffany / Via

    It's like having summer's flavors all wrapped up into a stack of pancakes. I'll take January!

    8. Blueberry Pancake French Toast Bake

    Rachel Schultz / Via

    Pancakes and French toast...all wrapped up into one BAKED dish? This has Christmas morning written all over it.

    9. Boston Creme Pie Pancakes

    Megan / Via

    Pastry cream and chocolate ganache. GANACHE!

    10. Oreo Cookie Pancakes

    John & Dana / Via

    STOP. IT.

    11. Savory Bacon, Cheddar and Green Onion Pancakes

    Stephanie / Via

    Everything's better with bacon, right? RIGHT.

    12. Baked Whole Wheat Peach Pancake

    Dara / Via

    Love that this is baked in a cast iron skillet. Love.

    13. German Apple Pancake

    Courtney / Via

    This SCREAMS chilly fall mornings. (But, really I'd take this any time of the year!)

    14. Caramel Apple Pie Pancakes

    Marina / Via

    It's everything I love about apple pie, rolled up into a stack of flapjacks. WITH OOZING CARAMEL SAUCE.

    15. Praline Pancakes

    Amy / Via

    Oh, the praline sauce. DROOL.

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