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10 East Coast Neighborhoods That Fit Your Personality

Have you ever wondered where you should start hanging out? We're here to help with the decision-making! Take a trip on Amtrak's Northeast Regional line and start exploring today!

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There are nine libraries and eight museums spread throughout Cambridge. Catch up on some light reading at 1369 Coffee House* in Inman Square, then hop on over to The Peabody Museum at Harvard to enhance those brain wrinkles.

*Please note that the above image is of the 1369 Coffee House's second location, in Central Square.

Rocky Hill is awesome because it's home to Dinosaur State Park. And Dinosaur State Park is awesome because it's home to "one of the largest dinosaur track sites in North America." This Connecticut gem is also huge in the sports world, if that's your thing. It was given the Sports Illustrated Sportstown Award in 2003.

Just a hop, skip, and a tunnel away from Manhattan, Jersey City has a lot to offer — from spectacular views to super-fine waterfront dining. Plan on eating sammies for lunch at Andreas Salumeria and a big, Italian dinner at Porto Leggero. Skip dessert and head to Barcade for drinks and games, if you're not too full.

When you're visiting downtown Baltimore, you definitely need to check out Silo Point. It's a brand-new condominium that was built on the site of an old grain elevator. Enjoy a pre-dinner glass of wine at Silo.5% and grab a bite of outrageous Mexican food at Miguel's Cocina y Cantina.

Fell's Point is just across the harbor from Silo Point, but offers a completely different vibe. With over 120 pubs and bars in the neighborhood, you'll never run out of options. Established in 1775, The Horse You Came in On Saloon (aka "The Horse" to locals) holds the title of "America's Oldest Saloon."