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10 Dogs Who Prove You Don't Need Anyone Else In The World But Them

Because who needs human friends, when you can share your life with man's best friend?

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1. This fluffy little guy who decided to become one of the stuffed animals.

Really, can you ever have enough pillow pets?

2. This black haired cutie who is more than willing to be your next workout buddy.

3. This pom who is all about listening to your problems over a hot cup of coffee.

4. This eager puppy ready to lend a hand with the dishes...or at least lick them clean!

5. This pup who proves that size doesn't matter when it comes to defending your honor.

6. Rusty the Golden Retriever who will always be there to remind you when your plants need watering!

Who says you need a green thumb?

7. This spunky doodle who always has you covered for those morning hangovers.

Brunch, anyone?

8. This pug, who's a bit skeptical, but will take on No-Shave November if you will.

9. These dogs who will never forget your birthday, ever!

10. And finally, this chorkie, who will always, ALWAYS, be there when you're ready for nap time.

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