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13 Things You Could Actually Buy If You Didn't Have Student Loan Debt

Fifty-five percent of University of Wyoming Students graduate with $0 student loan debt. Get the best value for your college education and explore the University of Wyoming today!

The average college student loan debt for the graduating class of 2016 is $37,172. What could you actually buy with all that money? Well, you could...

1. Explore the amber waves of grain and the purple mountain majesties from sea to shining sea.


Based on average ticket price for domestic airfare ($363.98).

2. Netflix and chill for a few hundred years. //

Based on basic monthly Netflix subscription ($7.99).

3. Get 34 different aerial angles to cut up into your next hype video. //

Based on the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter ($1,079).

4. Throw a huge PIZZA PARTY!!!


Based on dollar pizza slice cost ($1).

5. Host a video game tournament for the ages. //

Based on Xbox One S (2TB) console cost ($399).

6. Pony up the cash for some tiny friends, all of whom you could name Lil' Sebastian.

iStock, 4

Based on mode average of miniature horses for sale ($1,000).

7. Spend over 77 years getting swole.

iStock, 3

Based on average cost of a monthly gym membership ($40).

8. Get around in style with 81 of your closest friends. //

Based on the SwagTron T3 Hoverboard cost ($449.99).

9. Have enough caffeine to get through a couple all-nighters.


Based on the average cost of an iced coffee ($2.65).

10. Pop the question six times using a different ring each time.


Based on the average cost of engagement rings ($5,978).

11. Have 60 custom replacement boards ready to go.

iStock //

Based on the cost of a Burton Custom Snowboard ($600).

12. Pay for something you could actually live in.


Based on the recommended 20% down payment for real estate purchases.

13. Embrace your inner cowboy.

iStock //

Based on the cost of a Stetson Skyline ($269).

Fifty-five percent of all University of Wyoming students graduate with $0 in student loan debt. Get the best value for your college education and apply to be a Cowboy today!
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