19 Festive Nail Art Designs That Will Make You Feel Christmassy

A Christmas mani.

2. Winter nails at their finest.

Instagram: @ninanailedit

3. So festive.

Instagram: @kellimarissa

4. This Grinch inspired nail art.

Instagram: @ashearer3

5. Minnie and Mickey do Christmas.

Instagram: @home_of_deva

6. Understated, but festive.

Instagram: @indigonails

7. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree.

Instagram: @nailsbyjema

9. Subtle, but still Christmassy.

Instagram: @home_of_deva

10. This festive work of art.

Instagram: @polished_by_annah

11. Paying homage to the classic that is Elf.

Instagram: @nailsbytaralinderman

12. A touch of glitter.

Instagram: @nailsbytaralinderman

13. Christmas icons.

Instagram: @nailsbycharl

14. Wrapped up in a neat bow.

Instagram: @copycatclaws

15. Keeping it cute.

Instagram: @nailsbycambria

16. Kisses under the mistletoe.

Instagram: @ashearer3

17. Because Santa is the real MVP.

Instagram: @nailmenailbar

18. Check out this cute little Reindeer.

Instagram: @sariibenzi

19. It’s just so Christmassy.

Instagram: @_roisinmclachlan
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