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People Around The World Are Participating In The #MaskOffChallenge And It's Pure Talent

The best thing to happen to internet challenges in AWHILE.

Future's latest hit "Mask Off" has inspired the latest innanet challenge — but this time, there are no gimmicks, or teens throwing things at each other, or cussing out their parents. Just musically-talented people playing music and being talented.

Instagram: @mochacurlie89

The song is produced by Metro Boomin (over a recognizable beat). The mesmerizing flute sample has people grabbing their classic instruments and giving their best renditions. And it's impressive AF.

Instagram: @iamezinma

They're straight up improvising too.

Instagram: @jimboneely

All while having a sense of humor. I mean, despite the beautiful melody, 45% of the lyrics are "Percocets / molly, Percocets / Percocets."

Folks are dusting off and picking up their band instruments again, and going *in* with them. Their high school band directors would be so proud.

It's inspired people around the world to participate — and with all kinds of instruments.

@1Future @1Future @1Future @1Future @1Future @1Future are you getting this???

Meanwhile, the rest of us less musically talented folks are left in total awe.

More 👏 challenges 👏 like 👏 this 👏 please.

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