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Everyone Is Having An Existential Crisis About Babies Born In 2000 Becoming Adults This Year

Here is a nice package of people's musings to give you a nice little sense of doom.

This should come as no surprise. It's life, logic, and basic math. But heading into 2018, many people are coming to the collective realization that "2000s babies" are entering adulthood and that "'90s kids" are essentially extinct this year.

No one knows what to do with this realization/information.

The general reaction has been a semblance of disgust...



And, to some, existential doom.

Some are already thinking about adults referring to themselves as "2000s babies" and telling future generations about their decade's fads (aka BuzzFeed in 2029).

In certain countries, babies born in 2000 are of legal drinking age this year.


And in only a few years, liquor store stickers will be updated to state that those born in 2000 can drink in the US.

2000 babies are legally able to frequent places like clubs.

And, apparently, enough people thought about the legal age to be employed by the adult film industry that it's now a point in this post, and a thought in your mind (sorry).

To be fair, it seems as though some "2000s babies" are also dreading these same thoughts.


While others are reveling.

And feeling like they have some leverage against '90s kids.

In conclusion: Legal adults this year will have a birth date of the year 2000. And no, they are not "like 12."


And guess what? Because of time, and life, and logic, and basic math, kids will continue to age. As will you.

This concludes the existential portion of the post. If you thought this post was a waste of time, congrats on your logic and pragmatism.

What is incredibly practical is that ages for "2000s babies" should be really easy to keep track of. Eh?


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