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For Anyone Who's Still Praying For Zanessa To Get Back Together

*Aggressively sobs while listening to "When There Was Me And You"*

So as many of you know, there's a chance that Jelena might possibly be getting back together (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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And another late-'00s fave couple Miley and Liam have gotten back together too (but that's old news.)

Basically, that means we just need one last pairing to complete The Disney Channel Power Couple Trifecta of the Late-'00s. And that power couple, my friends, is none other than...

...the ~incomparable~ ZANESSA!!!

Disney Channel, I added hearts


The iconic Disney Channel OTP needs to reunite. Not necessarily for their own sake, but for my younger self who need proof that teen costar love can last.

Relativity Media / Via

Let's be honest: Zanessa was #relationshipgoalz from the moment they were first paired up at their 2005 High School Musical audition. I'm sorry, but that's the cutest ~start of something new~ story in the history of this fertile earth.

Disney Channel / Via

They had ~obvious chemistry~ in the behind-the-scenes footage of the OG HSM. It got my prepubescent heart THUMPING.

Disney Channel / Via


Then Zac costarred in Vanessa's music video for her 2006 bop, "Say OK", which made me wish I had a boy to text on my silver Sidekick.

Hollywood Records / Via

...and suddenly I wanted to go bowling...?

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Without Zanessa and HSM2, I would never have been #blessed with this ageless meme.

Disney Channel / Via Twitter: @liammcewan

And when they FINALLY kissed in HSM3, they taught me that ~true love waits~.

Disney Channel / Via

...And I replayed the [SUPER HD] video like 40,000 times.

Then in 2011, everything changed. Zanessa BROKE UP and it RUINED.👏 ME.👏

Disney Channel, and me

RUINED. Nothing mattered anymore.

Eventually, they both moved on: Vanessa started dating Austin Butler and going to Coachella. Zac starred in a long line of movies about how hot he is. Everything was fine, but I couldn't shake the feeling that it just wasn't right.


Just then, it seemed like my Zanessa prayers were going to be answered: Disney Channel announced the High School Musical Ten Year Reunion! I knew what that meant: Zanessa was going to have to reunite FACE-TO-FACE!!!

Disney Channel / Via

...But when said reunion aired, a certain Troy Bolton was nowhere to be found.

Image Group La / Disney Channel


And I was like:

Disney Channel / Via

Zac reportedly missed the reunion because it conflicted with a promo event for his movie Dirty Grandpa.

Sure, Jan.

OBVIOUSLY, Zac is still pining for his former costar and knew that seeing her in person would bring up his ~suppressed feelings~. I will not hear anything else!!!

Disney Channel / Via

In conclusion, everybody stans Zanessa and all the Disney Channel sweethearts of the late-2000s. So, for my sake at least, please get back together.

Disney Channel, me

So whaddaya say, Wildcats? Can you work, work, work this out?

Disney Channel / Via

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