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8 Reasons Rory And Logan Are Filth Who Deserve Each Other

I'm about to drag them all the way from Yale back to Stars Hollow.

So, we've already established that Rory Gilmore is awful.

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But honestly, I'm nowhere near done with her or her gold encrusted piece of trash, Logan Huntzberger.

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So, for my own catharsis, here are eight more reasons that Rory and Logan are a match made in the bottom tier of hell. Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

1. They literally met through Logan bullying Rory's friend.

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The first time Rory heard about Logan was from Marty: a good, wholesome guy who was her first friend at Yale. He told her Logan was a jerk, so naturally when Logan and his two hyenas Colin and Finn heckled Marty, Rory was smitten.


2. They're both privileged little ass-wipes who take everything they have for granted.

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Rory and Logan come from extremely wealthy families. They both went to luxurious private schools and then obviously Yale, despite Logan being a fuck-off and Rory having the charisma of a soggy napkin. These two have the world at their perfectly polished feet, and yet they get together just to test their own limitless boundaries!!! WHO DOES THAT?!

3. Rory started to view Logan ~differently~ once her shallow ass learned his dad was a newspaper magnate.

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Typical Rory, social climbing and using people like they're goddamn iPhones.

4. And Logan did that typical guy thing where they say, "I like you, but I'm just not the commitment type."

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Like, I'm sorry, but Logan needed to be CANCELED back in Season 5. Sure, he's so hot I could grill a veggie burger on him, but he's a playboy and playboys are fake news.

5. They left to hook up during her grandparents' VOW RENEWAL...?!?!?!

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LORELAI: Hey Rory, where were you during your loving, supportive, generous grandparents' service? RORY: Oh, I was just letting this delinquent diddle my skittle behind a church organ! Why do you ask?


6. They both constantly disrespect their parents who, for better or worse, just want what's best for them.

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Lorelai literally took Rory from being swaddled in a shed to graduating from Yale, and how does Rory repay her?! By running back to the life that Lorelai spent her life trying to get away from, thus stabbing Lorelai in her equally problematic back!!!

While Logan's parents really are Satan and Satanita incarnates, they truly do have good intentions when it comes to him. I mean, they kept him in prep schools even after he kept getting kicked out, and then got his weak ass into Yale. Even though it must suck for Logan, his family won't let him fail.

7. They treat their significant others like scum. SCUM!

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Rory's Romantic Track Record, A Brief History:

- Rory broke up with Dean for bad boy Jess

- Decided she liked Dean again once he was MARRIED

- Proceeded to fuck Dean while he was married

- Had an ~international affair~ with Logan when he was engaged to someone else

I'm probably forgetting more, so look out for later revisions on how much of a problem Rory is.

8. They stole a FUCKING. BOAT.

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In conclusion, I hope Rogan Huntzmore lives happily ever after in the fiery pits of my ass! Bye!

Syd Robinson

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