Here's A Fun Q&A With K-Pop Group iKON About Music, Life, And Their "Return" Album

iKONICs, here's your personal ~love scenario~ (ok, or just Q&A) with the boys.

While they're no longer the ~new kids~, iKON keeps serving up new hits. This time, they delivered their second full-length album appropriately titled Return.

YG Entertainment

Return is packed with 12 songs, including a mellow and bright title track titled "Love Scenario", a 🔥 solo track by B.I titled "One and Only," and official Korean versions of four songs previously only released in Japanese, "Love Me," "Just Go," "Sinosijak," and "Long Time No See."

And of course, we had to ask the boys to snap a few ~BuzzFeed exclusive~ selfies for you to enjoy along with the interview. You're welcome in advance.

Naver / V Live

To start off, which song off of Return personally speaks the most to you, and why?

YG Entertainment / Via, SBS / YG Entertainment / Via

B.I: "'Love Scenario.' My favorite out of all the songs we’ve released so far."

Jay: "'Best Friend.' The melody is easy to catch and the lyrics give off a fresh charm."

Bobby: "'One and Only.' It’s the track with the strongest hip-hop vibe."

Song: "‘Just Go’. We always performed this song in Japanese but there was actually a Korean version too and I was really happy we got to include it in our newest album."

Ju-ne: "'Jerk.' The lyrics and overall mood of this song are much to my liking. It has a very strong bluesy sound."

DK: "'Beautiful.' I like it because the song and choreography are ‘beautiful’."

Chan: "'Don't Forget.' I love the whistling sound in the introduction."

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What was the most fun or challenging scene to film from the “Love Scenario” MV?

YG Entertainment / Via, BuzzFeed

Jay: "The scene where I had to run slowly. But it had to look as if I was running really quickly. Unfortunately, the scene was deleted."

DK: "We used a completely new style of camerawork, MCC (Motion Control Camera), with this music video, so each scene was really different."

Chan: "Jay’s running scene was the funniest."

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What’s one thing you own (or has been given to you) that you can’t live without?

Nivea Korea / Via, Disney

B.I: "The bracelet I always wear. It’s like a good luck charm."

Jay: "A denim jacket that I’ve had since I was twelve. It’s just too good to throw away now."

Bobby: "My Pooh bear doll that I always sleep with. My brother gave it to me as a present when I was born."

Song: "Lip balm. I always say this, but it’s like my lucky charm."

Ju-ne: "Humidifier. If I don’t turn it on while I’m asleep, my voice gets sore."

DK: "iKON’s team ring. Our producer/boss Mr. Yang Hyun Suk gave it to us a present."

Chan: "My computer. It’s a treasure box. I can’t give it to anyone."

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What would be your superhero power of choice?

YG Entertainment / Via, BuzzFeed

B.I: "Going beyond time and space."

Jay: "I want to fly."

Bobby: "I want to be a time traveler."

Song/DK/Chan: "Instant movement. I would like to travel and go to different places in my free time. If we had this power, we could go around anywhere freely."

Ju-ne: "I want to see through people’s minds."

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Most memorable moment with YG (Yang Hyun-suk)?

@fromyg / Via, Terror Squad Entertainment

Jay: "When we went to a fancy restaurant and drank expensive champagne. He gave us really good advice too."

Bobby: "When he bought us meat. That day he opened up his wallet and took out a wad of bills — it reminded me of P. Diddy."

Song: "His birthday. We prepared a surprise party and he really enjoyed it."

DK: "When we all went out to grab a bite. The whole atmosphere and conversation was unforgettable."

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What is something funny that the other members do that always makes you laugh?

JTBC / Via, MBC / Via, BuzzFeed

B.I: "These days, everything Song does is hilarious."

Jay: "Song’s dance. Ju-ne’s gluttony."

Bobby: "Chan’s extraordinary behavior and smile."

Song: "Jay studying people’s faces and moods. Whenever he does a certain behavior he looks around and considers other people’s faces, and when he gets caught doing this, he shows a really funny facial expression."

Ju-ne: "Song’s serious face. When DK turns sulky."

DK: "When we talk about practically anything before practice. There isn’t a clear subject but the situation itself is funny."

Chan: "DK’s cute actions. The ones he does by himself."

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What’s the funniest meme/gif/tweet/any Internet thing you’ve seen of yourself or other iKON members?

@withikonic / Via, BuzzFeed

Jay: "A fan edited this gif where we did a random dance alongside club music."

DK: "Song’s selfie. He took it with one eye covered. The concept was like having one's eyesight tested."

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What inspires you in your musical career that is *not* music?

YG Entertainment / Via, BuzzFeed

Everyone: "Movies, drama, poems. When we meet and talk with people, when we sit alone in our rooms and look outside the window, etc."

In the above video, B.I says "I try to make up for things I'm unable to experience and feel myself. If you ask kind of music I want to that people can relate to and music that draws inspiration."

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In your opinion, what makes K-pop special/unique?

SBS / YG Entertainment / Via, BuzzFeed

Everyone: "Singing, dancing and the performance go really well together. The unique excitement, vibe, and color of Koreans are very clear. We’re very proud of K-pop because it’s a genre that represents the country we were born in. We also think all genres of music are unique and special."

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What’s something you want to experiment with musically?

MBC / Via

Everyone: "We want to challenge different type of genres. We are challenging ourselves even now. In addition, we want to keep striving and showing what we’re really good at."

Jay: "I want to challenge a sexy R&B performance. Or a cute pop song."

(Looks like you're prepared for both, Jay!)

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What has stayed the same since your debut, and what has been the biggest change you’ve witnessed?

@withikonic / Via, YG Entertainment / Via

B.I: "I have become much more soft-minded. Other than this, nothing has changed that much."

Jay: "B.I is sleepy-headed, which hasn’t changed. Song’s humor has changed."

Bobby: "Both are related to my attitude of mind. The desire to grow hasn’t changed, but my goal has changed."

DK: "Continuous efforts to strive have not changed. My emotional lines have changed."

Chan: "Always being careful with my actions has not changed. The thing that has changed is that our members have become much closer."

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And finally, two main goals for iKON in 2018?

@withikonic / Via, BuzzFeed

B.I: "Being young, wild and free. I want everyone to be happy and healthy."

Jay: "A fanmeeting in all parts of the country. Releasing more than three albums."

Bobby: "Looking for iKON’s many other cool images. Walking slowly and lasting long as a group."

Song: "I want to show more of iKON to the public so that more people know us and my name."

Ju-ne: "Becoming sexy. Being recognized as a unique group."

DK: "I want to show good music and performances on stage. I will never stop trying to achieve these two goals."

Chan: "A concert in Korea. I want to spread out to the world even more."

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Thanks, iKON, for chatting with us! Listen to Return on iTunes and Spotify!

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